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Blaser Rifles: BS vs. BBF vs. BB

These rifles also have a number next to the letters: either 95 or 97. In both versions the rifle has to be cocked – by activating a switch – for the user to be able to shoot. However, the 95 version has a so called single-lock action which decocks the firing pin spring after shooting from one barrel, while the 97 version has a double-lock action that stays cocked. This makes the 95 version a safer option since there is no way the rifle can be accidentally fired a second time – but it also makes it slower to fire again than the 97 version, which can fire again immediately.

Both the BBF and the BS models are available in either 95 or 97, while BB model is available only in 97.

BBF – Bockbüchsflinte

  • an over-and-under rifle (shotgun and rifle barrel combination)
Blaser BBF 95/97
Source: Blaser

BS – Bergstutzen

  • a double-barrel rifle of two different calibers
Blaser BS 95/97
Source: Blaser

BB – Bockbüchse

  • an over-and-under rifle (two same caliber rifled barrel)
Blaser BB 97
Source: Blaser
Blaser Rifles: BS vs. BBF vs. BB
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Blaser Rifles: BS vs. BBF vs. BB
What are the differences between the BS, BBF, and BB models from Blaser?
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Optics Trade Blog
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