Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual

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Product: Zeiss Dialyt 18-45×65


Congratulations on your purchase of the ZEISS Dialyt 18 – 45 x 65, which will provide you with fascinating visual experiences.

As with all ZEISS products, the ZEISS Dialyt is also characterized by outstanding optical performance, precise processing and a long service life.

For optimal use of your ZEISS Dialyt, read the following operating instructions carefully to ensure that it is your reliable companion for many years.

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Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual

Zeiss Dialyt Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual

Care and storage

The ZEISS Dialyt does not require special care. Do not wipe coarse dirt particles (e. g. sand) from the lens, but rather blow away or remove these with a hair brush. After some time, fingerprints can attack the surface. The simplest method for cleaning an optical surface is to breathe on it and softly rub with a clean optical cleaning cloth. Dry storage and good ventilation help to prevent the possible formation of mould film on the optics, especially in tropical climates.

For safe storage and transportation, please use the supplied protective cap.

Safety instructions

  • Caution: Never look into the sun or in laser light sources with the ZEISS Dialyt. This can lead to serious eye injury.
  • Do not leave the product in the sun for extended periods unless using a protective cap or a case. The objective lens and eyepiece can function as a burning glass and damage the interior components.

Integrated eyepiece

The ZEISS Dialyt 18 – 45 x 65 is designed in monobloc style and has a permanently installed Vario eyepiece (C), which cannot be removed.

Tripod mounting

Due to the high magnification, observation is only recommended when set on a stable support (e. g. backpack, jacket, etc.) or on a tripod.

The ZEISS Dialyt tripod foot (E) has 3/8″ and 1/4″ threads (via installed threaded insert) with which the ZEISS Dialyt can be mounted on all commercially available tripods.

Observation with and without glasses

For observation with glasses, the rubber eyecup (F) can be turned inside out. For observation without glasses, use the scope with opened eyecup.


The lens focusing (A) on the front facilitates focusing with the highest possible image steadiness.

Turn to bring objects at a distance of 10 m upwards into sharp focus.


The sight (D) on the lens focusing enables speedy focusing on the object.

Attaching the carrying strap

Pull the carrying strap (G) through the eyes of the protective lens cap, through the carrying strap eyes on the tripod (B) and through the eyes of the ocular protective cap

Tehnical Data

ZEISS Dialyt 18-45×65
Filter threads on lens side M 67 x 0,75
Objective lens diameter (mm) 65
Shortest focusing distance (m) 10
Height (mm) 78
Width (mm) 76
Length (mm) 395
Weight (g) approx. 1195
Waterproof in acc. with DIN ISO 9022-8
Nitrogen filling

Subject to changes in design and scope of delivery as a result of ongoing tehnical development.

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