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Vector Optics Paragon Prism Scopes Series Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In this blog post, we will delve into the Vector Optics Paragon Micro Prism Scopes. We’ll examine their features, performance, and the multitude of advantages they offer.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

About the Vector Optics

Vector Optics, established in 2007, is a reputable Chinese company that specializes in a diverse selection of sports optics. Their extensive range includes riflescopes, red dot sights, prism scopes, binoculars, range finders, and recently, spotting scopes, among others.

To meet the high demand for affordable optics and accessories, Vector Optics has established several sub-brands in recent years. These sub-brands now offer a wide range of products including thermals and night vision optics, as well as lasers, flashlights, and various other accessories.

Paragon Prism Scopes Series

The Paragon Micro prism scopes are available in three distinct magnifications:

1.      Vector Optics Paragon 1×16

2.      Vector Optics Paragon 3×18

3.      Vector Optics Paragon 4×24

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What distinguishes LPVO (Low Power Variable Optics) from a Prism Scope?

The prism scope features a single prism lens, in contrast to the multiple lenses found in traditional optics. This design allows for a significantly shorter build. The length is reduced by half or even more compared to a traditional LPVO, while still retaining a reticle.

This offers a significant advantage, especially with the larger two models (Paragon 3×18 and Paragon 4×24), as they facilitate precise shooting even at extended ranges.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

What are the primary distinctions between a red dot sight and a prism scope?

First and foremost, the prism scope features an adjustable eyepiece. This allows for precise focus on the reticle, which is especially beneficial for individuals with astigmatism. Those with astigmatism often experience blurriness when viewing red dots, resulting in a less-than-optimal experience with reflex red dot sights. However, with a prism scope, they can effortlessly focus on the reticle and utilize it with ease.

The second advantage of the prism scope is that even if the battery dies, you still have a reticle to rely on. In contrast, with a traditional red dot sight, you lose your point of aim entirely. This makes the prism scope a more reliable option for aiming in various situations.

Prism scopes are also significantly larger compared to red dot sights.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Physical Properties of Paragon Prism Scopes

As previously stated, the Paragon prism scopes have an incredibly compact design. They are entirely crafted from aluminium, with no rubberized components present on the optic, except for the buttons dedicated to illumination control.

All three models undergo nitrogen purging, rendering them fully sealed and boasting an IP67 waterproof rating. This signifies their ability to withstand depths of up to one meter for a minimum of 30 minutes.

Additionally, they exhibit shockproof capabilities, accommodating even the recoil of a .300 Winchester. As such, they are ideally suited for use with a .308 Winchester and can be employed throughout the entire day.

The height of the Paragon prism scopes varies from 60 to 65 millimeters. The Paragon 1×16 model measures 75 millimeters in length and weighs a mere 225 grams, making it incredibly lightweight. Similarly, the Paragon 3×18 model also weighs 225 grams, but it is slightly longer at 77 millimeters. The largest model, the Paragon 4×24, is not only the longest at 84 millimeters but also the heaviest at 255 grams.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Smaller models from the Paragon series have an illumination buttons on top

Illumination System

The 1×16 and 3×18 models feature illumination buttons on the top, whereas the Paragon 4×24 model incorporates buttons on the side. This intentional design allows for a dedicated space on the device’s top to mount a red dot sight.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
The Paragon 4×24 features the option to mount a red dot on its top

Adjustable Eyepiece

Paragon prism scopes are equipped with an adjustable eyepiece that allows for precise focusing on the reticle.


The reticle is integrated into the lens across all three models. In the smallest model, the central dot measures 2 MOA in diameter, complemented by a 68 MOA circle surrounding it.

Both of the larger models share the same reticle, equipped with a 1 MOA dot at the center and a 21 MOA circle around it. The reticle on these two models also include a BDC line, complete with markings for distances of up to 600 yards. This is particularly useful if you are using standard .308 Winchester or .223 Remington ammunition.

Each model is equipped with only one reticle.

Paragon 1x16 reticle
In the 1×16 model, the central dot is 2 MOA in diameter, surrounded by a 68 MOA circle.
Paragon 3x18 reticle
The 3×18 and 4×24 models have the same reticle, featuring a 1 MOA dot at the center and a 21 MOA circle around it

Illumination System

The illumination is exceptionally bright, making it suitable for use even on the sunniest of days. In total, there are 10 intensity settings, with the initial ones specifically designed for night vision use. The first intensity setting is perfectly compatible with night vision devices.

The illumination of the Paragon prism scope can be easily adjusted using the plus and minus buttons, enabling you to fine-tune the intensity to your liking.

The illumination of the prism scope is powered by a single CR 2032 battery, conveniently positioned on its side. This design ensures optimal functionality and ease of use.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon scopes feature battery compartment located on the side

Low-profile Turrets

The turrets on all three Paragon models share an identical design. They feature an open and straightforward structure with a direct axis. However, it is important to note that they may not be suitable for use in sandy or muddy conditions due to their lack of protection, which makes them vulnerable to debris ingress. However, adjusting the turrets is effortless, whether it’s done using a screwdriver or the provided tool.

The standout feature of this turret is its remarkably low profile. Unlike traditional optics where the cap protrudes, Paragon prism scope offers a sleek and compact design, ensuring a minimal profile.

The clicks of the turrets feel and sound precise, allowing you to easily perceive each click on the optic. The windage and elevation adjustment range is an impressive 40 MOA, providing ample flexibility. The turrets feature a multi-turn design but lack any markings. However, for optics of this nature, it is perfectly acceptable.

The turrets lack a turn indicator and a zero stop, and they are also notably stiff. Therefore, there is no need to worry about accidentally adjusting the turret.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series feature low profile turrets

Optical Performance

Now, let’s delve into the optical performance. The image quality is truly remarkable, especially considering its price.

As we’ve come to expect from Vector Optics, the image quality is consistently excellent for the price. You get exceptional optical quality that delivers crisp images with great resolution and impressive color accuracy. It’s truly remarkable how much value you get for your money.

One aspect that I find appealing about all three Paragon prism scope models is the remarkably expansive image they provide. When looking through the optic, there is minimal distortion at the edges, resulting in a more immersive viewing experience.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Fixed Parallax

The parallax of all three Paragon Prism scope models is set at a fixed distance of 100 meters.

Lens Diameter

The one-time magnification model has a lens diameter of 16 millimeters, while the three times magnification model has a lens diameter of 18 millimeters. The biggest model boasts a lens diameter of 24 millimeters. Additionally, all three prism scopes share a common feature, which is the 29 millimeters eyepiece lens.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Field of View

When it comes to the field of view, the smallest model offers 25.4 meters at a distance of 100 meters. The three-times magnification model, on the other hand, provides a slightly narrower field of view of 12.9 meters at the same distance. Lastly, the largest model offers a field of view of 9.6 meters at 100 meters.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

Paragon Prism scopes offer a tunneling-free viewing experience with generous eye relief across all three models. The forgiving eye relief is particularly impressive with the one-time model, allowing comfortable use even when positioned far away from the scope. Whether observing from a distance or up close, the image remains impeccable. The one-time model, in particular, excels in providing both perfect eye relief and an exceptional eye box.

In the two larger models, the eye relief is slightly more sensitive due to the increased magnification. However, it’s important to note that the larger models also offer a generous eye box.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Mounting the Paragon Prism Scope to the Rifle

All Paragon prism scopes are equipped with a Picatinny rail mount. The center height for these three optics, measured from the top of the Picatinny rail to the center of the optic, is 36 millimeters.

Also included in the package is a four-millimeter riser. By mounting it between the optic and the mount, your center height will be elevated to 40 millimeters.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon scopes are equipped with Picatinny rail mount

Mounting the Red Dot on the Paragon 4×24 Prism Scope

The Paragon 4×24 prism scope features a space for a red dot with a Shield RMS/SMS footprint, allowing you to mount any red dot on the market with the same footprint onto this prism scope.

The Vector Optics Frenzy S red dot boasts a Shield RMS/SMS footprint, allowing it to be mounted on the Paragon 4×24.

The Frenzy S red dot has a 17×24 mm window size and a 3 MOA red dot. It also includes a Picatinny mount, allowing for direct attachment to the Picatinny rail. This red dot is special because it has a side battery compartment for a CR 1632 battery. It offers 10 intensity settings, including two for night vision. The red dot also has a motion sensor that turns on and off based on movement.

The package includes the necessary mounting screws. With just a pair of screws, you can effortlessly install the red dot sight on Paragon 4×24. The installation process is straightforward and achievable by anyone.

In my perspective, the red dot featured in the Paragon 4×24 prism scope model is exceptionally convenient, thanks to its four times magnification capability. This scope empowers you to confidently engage targets at longer distances, while effortlessly transitioning to the Frezy S red dot for close-range precision.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Paragon 4×24 prism scope have a space for a red dot with Shield RMS/SMS footprint

Vector Optics Paragon Price and Warranty

The Paragon prism scopes are available at different price points. The smallest model starts at 220 euros, while the three-times magnification model is priced at approximately 250 euros. The largest magnification model is priced at 270 euros. In my opinion, all three models are reasonably priced.

It’s worth noting that these scopes are manufactured in China, as Vector Optics is a Chinese company. The quality control at Vector Optics is directly implemented, resulting in high-quality products.

Additionally, all three products come with a 15-year warranty.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Scope of Delivery

What does the box contain? Inside, you’ll find a four-millimeter riser, some essential tools, a fortunate chip from Vector Optics, a patch, a cleaning cloth, and additional screws. Moreover, the larger two models are equipped with a kill flash should you choose to mount it.

Additionally, a comprehensive user manual that covers all the necessary information about the scope, as well as a warranty card, is included. If you decide to purchase the Vector Optics red dot sight, it comes with supplementary screws for easy mounting on the Paragon 4×24 prism scope.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Scope of delivery


First and foremost, let’s focus on the positives. I must mention that considering the price, you get optics with excellent build quality, a compact design, and a nice finish. Additionally, all three Paragon prism scopes weigh between 225 and 250 grams, making them incredibly lightweight.

Now, let’s talk about optical performance, which is quite impressive, especially when you consider the affordable price. The optical quality is impeccable. While the illumination may not be the brightest available, it remains perfectly adequate for daytime use, even on a sunny day.

And let’s not forget about the price. As previously mentioned, at a range of 220 to 270 Euros, the Paragon prism scopes are remarkably affordable.

Pros Summary:

1.      excellent build quality

2.      compact design

3.      lightweight

4.      price

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series


Where can I identify areas for enhancement? Apart from the turret caps, I have no further remarks to make. Perhaps the turrets could be safeguarded with caps to prevent the ingress of mud or sand into the small openings. However, apart from this consideration, I believe there is little room for improvement from my perspective.

Cons Summary:

1.      Turrets without caps

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Vector Optics Paragon prism scopes stand out as a prime example of value-for-money in the optics market. With their robust build quality, compact design, and surprising lightness, these scopes are a testament to the fact that affordable prices need not come at the expense of quality.

The impressive optical performance resonates remarkably well, given the price bracket. While the turret cap issue marks a slight area for enhancement, it is a small point in an otherwise commendable product lineup.

For those in search of a reliable, budget-friendly prism scope, the Paragon models by Vector Optics undoubtedly warrant serious consideration.

Vector Optics Paragon Series
Vector Optics Paragon Series
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