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Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In this article, we are going to make a short review on the Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 riflescope.

In 2007, Vector Optics was established. Early on, Vector Optics produced OEM products for other manufacturers. However, in recent years, they have refocused their efforts on their own brand.

They introduced the Continental series of riflescopes which are the most expensive riflescopes from Vector Optics. The riflescopes in this series have the most features and feature a 34-millimeter main tube.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP

Physical properties of Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56

Continental 4-24×56 riflescope features a six-times zoom factor with a magnification range from 4-24 and the 56 millimeters objective lens. The reticle is positioned in the first focal plane (FFP) and the turrets are in MIL. With this configuration, this is a true MIL/MIL tactical riflescope.

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The housing is entirely made of metal, with the only rubberized area being the ocular. Its nitrogen purged to avoid internal fogging in cold weather.

The length of the scope is 362 millimeters. It weighs 855 grams and can withstand recoil up to .338 Lapua Magnum. Vector Optics chose a very interesting magnification range. There are not many other brands that produce rifle scopes in the same range, especially with the 56-millimeter objective lens. Most other manufacturers produce scopes with a similar magnification, but with a 50-millimeter objective lens.

56mm objective lens makes the scope brighter when you use it in low light. Because of that, this scope can easily be compared to 5-25 tactical rifle scopes, which are also the most widespread tactical rifle scopes on the market.

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What is the benefit of the lower magnification?

With the lower magnification, you get a much wider field of view on the 4x magnification, which is in this scope 10.2 meters. 5-25 riflescopes offer approximately 7-8 meters at the lowest setting. The wider field of view is a significant improvement, and it makes searching for your target considerably faster and simpler.

Another advantage of lower magnification is that clip-on devices are simpler to use at lower magnifications.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP

Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 Reticle

The reticle in this riflescope is set in the first focal plane, which makes it ideal for bullet drop compensation at any magnification.

There are two different types of reticles:

  1. VCT-34 and
  2. VEC-MBR.

Both are Christmas tree-style reticles. The VCT-34 reticle, in my opinion, is a little thick in the middle. The dot is 0.155 of a MIL, which I believe covers too much of the target. This is especially evident if you’re shooting at a small target.

Continental 4-24×56 VCT-34 reticle

The VEC-MBR reticle has four lines around the dot in the center and a considerably smaller dot. I believe it’s 0.04 of a MIL, making it ideal for exact shots on small targets.

Continental 4-24×56 VEC-MBR reticle

Illumination System

In both reticles, only the middle parts are illuminated. With the VCT-34 reticle, only the dot in the middle is illuminated, while the VEC-MBR reticle has the middle dot with four lines around it illuminated.

The illumination system has six intensity settings. There is an off position between each intensity level. All of the configurations are only useful for darker light situations.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP battery compartment

Parallax Adjustment

The parallax adjustment is on the same turret as the illumination setting. Parallax adjustment goes from 10 yards to infinity. Up to 200 or 300 meters the parallax adjustment is very precise, but beyond that, it gets very delicate, and you have to make really small adjustments for the perfect parallax adjustment.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP parallax and illumination adjustment

Turrets and clicks

The elevation and windage turrets are adjusted to MRAD (MIL). One turn of the elevation turret is exactly 10 milliradians. One turn of the elevation turret is precisely 10 milliradians. This is fantastic because, with a round number, there’s less danger of making a mistake when counting clicks. The clicks are extremely tactile, and they have a wonderful feel to them.

What I’d like to point out is that the turrets have some wobbling, both, and it’s quite apparent when the turret isn’t locked.

Another feature to consider is the loud locking mechanism. Normally, this isn’t a problem when shooting on the range, but it may be an issue while hunting. Both elevation and windage turrets have a locking mechanism with a push and pull design.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP turrets

Zero Stop

Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 riflescope features a nice zero-stop function. There is also a visual and mechanical turn indicator, which pops out when you come into the second revolution. It pops even further out when you come in the third revolution. This function is usually found on more expensive rifle scopes. This is a welcome addition.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP visual and mechanical turn indicator

What’s also very great in this scope is the hard zero stop, which is very easy to adjust. When you’re on the range you just make the adjustment, lock the turret, and remove the screw. There is a bigger screw beneath the turret. You must wind the turret back until you hear the click. You just put the turret back on with a zero on the front, reinsert the screw, and you are already signed in.

The windage turret does not feature a zero stop, but it features 16 MIL of total travel of the reticle. It has 5 MIL of travel in both directions, but it can go even further.

Additional turret without Zero Stop

Another great feature of this scope is the additional elevation turret which does not feature a turn indicator and it has no zero stop. With this turret, you can use the entire elevation range of the scope, which is 34 MIL. Meaning you can use this scope also for extended long-range shooting.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 – 1. additional elevation turret without zero stop and 2. turret with zero stop

Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 Price and Warranty

Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 scope is produced in China and it has 15 years warranty. It costs 899 euros.

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What do you get in the box?

With the Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 you will also get:

  • user’s manual,
  • lens protection,
  • sunshade,
  • cleaning cloth,
  • zero tools for the turrets,
  • additional elevation turret without the zero stop and turn indicator and
  • advertisement material.

What I appreciate about the Vector Optics Continental scope is that it includes 34-millimeter mounting rings that are 18 millimeters high and made completely out of aluminum.

Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP scope of delivery

Looking for quality-made mounting solutions?


What do I like about Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56? The high build quality is the first thing that comes to mind. All the components are well-crafted, made completely out of metal with the only rubberized part on the ocular. The scope feature nice turrets with a great and simple locking mechanism.

The zero stop works great, it stops exactly on the zero. Another great feature is a mechanical turn indicator, which is mostly found only on more expensive riflescopes.  The scope has two very welldesigned reticles, which are great for quick corrections.

Optically the scope is very well made. It can be compared to some much more expensive riflescopes. It has a big field view, which is important for hunting and tactical shooting because target acquisition is much faster. Another great feature of the scope is the Picatinny mounting rings, which come with it. So, the user does not have to buy them.

PROS summary:

  • high build quality
  • great zero stop
  • wide FOV
  • included Picatinny mounting rings
Vector Optics Continental 4-24x56 FFP
Vector Optics Continental 4-24×56 FFP included picatinny rings


Where do I see room for improvements? First, the magnification ring has sharp edges. This is fantastic for grip, but I think the edges are a little too sharp. Both turrets have a minor issue with wobbling. It’s not a major problem, but it might be an easy fix for Vector Optics.

The turn indicator is perfect for the first and second revolutions. However, for the third trip around, the pin simply pops out a fraction of a millimeter or so more toward the end of the turn than it does during the second revolution. It’s not easy to feel or notice this.

And the last, this locking mechanism is loud. It’s not a problem at all if you are on the range, but if you use the scope also for hunting, it’s I think a little bit too loud.

CONS summary:

  • turrets have issue with wobbling
  • turn indicator could be better
  • loud locking mechanism
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