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Tier One Bipods


Established in the year 2018, Tier One started very small with only one product. The company quickly found the market gap and started to produce new products, and since then they have constantly updated their product range. Tier One is now one of the high-quality manufacturers of rifle scope mounts, bipods, Picatinny rails and much more.

Tier One produces bipods for all kinds of shooting sports and rifles, should you need a bipod for a heavy F-Class rifle, a heavy tactical rifle, or a light-weight hunting rifle.

Tier One FTR Bipod on a Ritter & Stark SX-1 MTR .338 LM rifle and a Vortex Razor HD Gen. 2 4.5-27×56 rifle scope on the King of 2 Miles and Master of 2 Kilometers competition in France

FTR Bipod

For heavy F-Class rifles, Tier One designed the FTR Bipod, which is available in two versions. One is made completely from aluminum, and the second one has carbon legs for lower weight. Both have adjustable height – The full aluminum bipod from 150 millimeters to 250 millimeters, and the carbon bipod from 150 millimeters up to 300 millimeters. The full aluminum bipod weighs 590 grams, and the carbon bipod 550 grams. The weight of both is measured without the mounting adapter.

Both bipods are extremely sturdy and durable since both were tested on very heavy .50 BMG rifles, and they withstand it with ease. The height of the bipod is easily adjustable with a capstan wheel underneath, and the cant can be adjusted with a lever in front of the bipod. When everything is adjusted, the user can tighten 2 additional screws in the front to make the bipod even sturdier. Because tracking is extremely important in FTR, both bipods feature small ski feet which are great for uneven terrain, the bench, or any other shooting ground. The finish of both bipods is hard coat anodized to 30 microns, which is a military standard.

Tier One Bipod on a Sabatti TLD Gold F-Class TR rifle

These FTR bipods come with an Anschütz adapter and a sling swivel stud adapter, but additional adapters can be purchased such as a QD Picatinny adapter, a Freeland adapter, and a bipod Picatinny rail adapter. For transporting purposes, a hard ABS case is available.

Tactical bipod

Like the name says, this bipod is designed for tactical rifles. It is available in two versions – 180 millimeters and 230 millimeters. The legs of this bipod are made of carbon fiber or from 7075T6 aluminum alloy. The weight depends on the length of the bipod and the material used. It goes from 318 grams up to 398 grams, depending on the model. Due to its lightweight design, this bipod is very popular on hunting rifles.

The legs of the bipod can be pulled down without pushing any button. Then, a small notch snaps in, so the bipod can’t collapse during heavy recoil. The extension legs are spring-loaded, so you can use the bipod with just one hand. All functions on this bipod can be operated silently, which is very important when using it on a hunt.

Tier One Bipod
Tier One Tactical bipod with a pan/tilt Picatinny adapter

For this tactical bipod, many accessories are available. You can get a few different feet designs like spikes, claw feet, ski feet, and rubber feet. 50-millimeter leg extensions and a Cordura transport case are also available.

There are different adapters available – Blaser R8 QD adapter, UIT rail adapter, a tilt or a pan/tilt adapter, a sling swivel adapter, or a Picatinny adapter.

Evolution Tactical bipod

The Evolution Tactical bipod from Tier One is their latest development. It is very similar in design to their older tactical bipod. The main difference, whatsoever, is that they changed the gravity point upwards, to the center of the barrel. Because of this feature, the rifle can’t be overturned, and the rifle is automatically steadier than with a normal bipod that is attached on the bottom.

Tier One Bipod
Tier One Evolution Tactical Bipod

This bipod is available in two versions – a 180-millimeter version and a 230-millimeter version. The legs are the same as on their tactical bipod, which can be made of carbon fiber or from 7075T6 aluminum. The legs can be operated with one hand only and are completely silent. The extension legs are spring-loaded.

There are adapters for different mounting types available: Blaser QD adapter, Sauer 404 QD adapter, QD Picatinny adapter, a KeyMod, and an M-Lok adapter.

For the Evolution tactical bipod, the same accessories are available as for their tactical bipod.

Tier One Evolution Tactical Bipod
Tier One Evolution Tactical Bipod
Tier One Bipods
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Tier One Bipods
Tier One produces high-quality mounts, Picatinny rails, bipods and many more. Their bipods have an innovative design and are made for strong recoiling rifles
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