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Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 Riflescope Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 was created for hunters who frequently stalk hunt, but it is also a great choice for all-round hunting. The Z6i series gets its name from six-time zoom power, and the “I” in its title represents an illuminated reticle. The first generation of these scopes was introduced way back in 2007; they were something special then and they still are today.

Swarovski Z6i series riflescopes

The Z6i series of hunting rifle scopes redefined the game in 2007, and Swarovski upgraded the line to the second generation in 2013. These rifle scopes are well-known on the market. They’re exceptional, especially due to the really wide field of view and great optical performance.

Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope

Interested in Z6i riflescopes?

The Z6i series includes the following models:

Two models–the 3-18×50 and 5-30×50–were available in the Z6i series before 2020. However, these were discontinued when the newer and improved Z8i series was released that same year.

The Z6i 1.7-10×42 can be ordered with additional features, like a ballistic turret and SR rail for mounting.

Riflescopes’s full name is Z6i 1.7-10×42 BT SR.

  1. BT” stands for ballistic turret
  2. SR” stands for Swarovski rail

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The combination of Swarovski acronyms:

1.     Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 L – the riflescope is mounted on the rifle with rings

2.    Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 BT L – the riflescope comes with a Swarovski BTF ballistic turret, and is mounted on the rifle with rings

3.    Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 SR – the riflescope has an SR rail for mounting purposes

4.    Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 BT SR – the riflescope comes with Swarovski BTF ballistic turret, and has an SR rail for mounting purposes

Looking for more information about Swarovski Optik Acronyms?

The optical performance of Z6i 1.7-10×42

The Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 riflescope has a variable magnification that ranges from low power at 1.7x to a high power of 10x and an objective lens diameter of 42 mm.

At 1.7x magnification power, this rifle scope has a wide field of view approximately 25 meters at a 100-meter distance – much larger than most other products on the market. This rifle scope can be especially effective on driven hunts, and also when you’re actively stalking the game.

Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope

Physical properties

The Z6i 1.7-10×42 riflescope is an excellent choice for hunters looking for a scope that is slim, light, and small, but not particularly short. The scope weighs approximately 500 grams, so it is quite light. This model offers a 1.7-10 magnification range which is best suited for most hunting situations.


Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 feature a fixed parallax. The parallax is fixed at 100 meters.

Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 features fixed parallax

Swarovski SR rail model

The Z6i 1.7-10×42 rifle scope can be ordered with a standard Swarovski SR mounting rail or the more conventional 30-millimeter ring mounts. I prefer rail mounting because it’s more stable and robust; if possible, it’s always my preferred choice.

Need a mount for your scope?


The Z6i 1.7-10×42 model features a 4A-I reticle positioned in the second focal plane (SFP) riflescope. The reticle is extremely thin and boasts illumination.

Although in the past many other types of reticles were available for the riflescope, they are no longer being manufactured.

  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42

Interested in Reticle 4A-I?

Illumination system

The illumination system is a key feature of any Swarovski riflescope from the Z6i line. The illumination system is located on top of the eyepiece. A special switch allows the user to choose between two different regimes:

  1. To enter the first regime (daytime regime), turn the switch to the right (there is a sun symbol).
  2. The second regime (low-light regime) is accessed by turning the switch to the left instead (symbol of moon present).

Each side of this illumination system has two buttons that allow for precision tuning. This way, the reticle can be illuminated at any level of intensity, whether you need a dim setting for low light or a bright setting for daytime use.

This illumination system is among the best on the market. It provides sharpness from edge to edge of the field of view, and a wider field of view than most other scopes. These factors work together to make this rifle scope very special.

  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
  • Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42


The turrets on the Z6i 1.7-10×42 model are capped plastic caps, and the clicks are one centimeter per hundred meters.

You can simply reset the turrets by either pulling them up or pressing them down. While I don’t usually prefer plastic turrets, as seen on this model, they’re not bad. Plus, the feel is better than most other models with plastic turrets. Additionally, the tracking system is quite dependable.

The windage turret also doubles as a spare battery holder for the illumination system, which is a nice touch. The design of the windage turret is similar to that of the elevation turret.

Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 with and without turret caps

BDC Turret

The Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 can be ordered with a BDC turret that is not only marked for clicks but also distances.

The first mark on your scope is used to zero the scope, which is normally done at 100 meters. There are three additional rings with small color dots that help indicate different distances.

To shoot a target 300 meters away when the scope is zeroed at 100 meters, simply turn the ballistic turret until the yellow dot (the third mark) lines up with the distance measurement of your target.

The primary improvement of the second-generation ballistic turret is its locking mechanism; in addition, the rings on the turret are now black instead of silver. Consequently, the contrast between the two generations is quite distinct.

With only 45 clicks, the ballistic turret can cover a distance of 400 meters if you zero in your scope at 100 meters.

How to zero a scope?

The BDC turret is easy to use but you need to disassemble it when zeroing the scope. You can either choose between 100, 200, or 300-meter options for zeroing or calculating the clicks needed at any distance with the help of three colored rings—green, yellow and red. This feature comes in handy for hunters who do a lot of long-range shooting.

A Personal Ballistic Cam

In time-sensitive, high-stress situations when choosing your shot must be done quickly, the color-coded dots on the turret can be confusing. To remedy this issue, Swarovski offers a new system: a personalized ballistic cam. With this device, rings with colors that represent different distances are replaced with one ring that has marked distances

The Swarovski ballistic cam requires that you give Swarovski information about your rifle, ammunition, and ballistic data to create a personalized turret for your scope. This replaces the need for dots. You’ll be given easy-to-use distance numbers like 3, 4, 5, or 300m, 400m, and 500m which is useful in high-pressure situations.

Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 price and warranty

The Z6i 1.7-10×42 riflescope is made in Austria and comes with a 10-year warranty. It costs 2370, but if you want the model with SR rail, you will have to add 50€ to the price. The model with a BDC turret is also 150€ more expensive.

Scope of delivery

Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 riflescope comes with the following items:

  • bikini lens covers
  • a manual in a couple of different languages -the manual also serves as a warranty card on the back page
  • you also get a nice cleaning cloth
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 scope of delivery

You may also purchase the following accessories for this riflescope:

  1. Swarovski SLP-O Objective Cover
  2. Swarovski SLP-E-46 Eye-piece Cover
  3. Swarovski TL Throw Lever
  4. Swarovski PBC Custom Turret Cap for Z6(i) and Z5
  5. Swarovski Scope Guard (Neoprene)
  6. Swarovski CSO Cleaning Set


The Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope is a great choice for any hunter looking for a high-quality riflescope. Some of the pros of this riflescope include its wide field of view, the ability to order it with BDC turrets, and its lightness. The illuminated reticle system is also very impressive, providing great adjustability and clarity in all lighting conditions. Additionally, the riflescope can be ordered with the SR rail mounting option, making it even more versatile. Finally, the build quality of this riflescope is excellent.

Pros summary:

  1. wide FOW
  2. BT turrets
  3. great illumination system
  4. lightness
  5. SR rail mounting option
  6. build quality
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 with bikini covers


The Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope is a well-made scope, but it does have a few cons. First, it is quite a long scope, which may not be ideal for everyone. Second, the ballistic turret could have more clicks, making it easier to adjust accurately. Third, some people don’t like the design of the illumination system on this scope. Overall, though, the Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope is a high-quality scope that performs well in most situations.

Cons summary:

  1. quite a long scope
  2. the ballistic turret could have more clicks
  3. some people don’t like the illumination system

Final thoughts

If you’re looking for a top-quality stalking and hunting scope for medium range, the Swarovski Z6i 1.7-10×42 is an excellent option. It provides superb optics and an incredibly wide field of view, as well as a great illumination system that has many different levels of intensity to suit any lighting condition.

The only thing I can say bad about this product is that the illumination switch seems a little bit vulnerable, but many people who have been using these scopes for years (since 2007) haven’t had any problems. So there isn’t much to improve upon with this scope.

Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10x42
Swarovski Z6i gen.2 1.7-10×42 riflescope

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