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Swarovski Optik technologies


Swarovski products are satisfying its customers with high-precision manufacturing and full image and material control to ensure the consistent quality of its hunting optics. For many years Swarovski Optik also inspired with advanced technologies integrated into their binoculars and riflescopes, with unique names described below.

Swarovski technology
Swarovski technology


Integrated in range-finding binocular EL Range, Swaroaim includes inclinometer that determines accurate equivalent horizontal distance to the target within the 30-1250 meters. The LED display shows both: the distance in the straight-line and the distance considering the angle to the target. The second provides corrected information for calculating bullet trajectory based on the gravitational force. You can read more about this here.





Swarolight mechanism has night/off/day switch that are moved depending on the time of the day you are using riflescopes. You can take care of a proper reticule illumination during the nighttime and daytime, by setting them to the far left and far right on the sides of the battery lodgings. Illumination system offers almost unlimited number of intensity levels for every possible situation you can encounter on a hunt.  Integrated sensor turns off the illumination of the reticules when the scope exceeds 70-degree from horizontal line and 30-degree from the vertical line and is automatically restored when moving into the firing position. This is exceedingly important to enhance battery life. System also includes automatic turn-off function after prolonged period of stillness. You can read more about this here.



SWAROVISION technology provides a flat field of view in a top class binoculars. Integrated two field flatteners between prisms and ocular remove curvature of the field. Field Flatteners provide peripheral definition and significally decreases any edge distortions such as chromatic aberration. Due to this technology, the field of view feels incredibly wide. Swarovski added a pin-cushion for comfortable panning: to decrease a rolling ball effect.


Swarovski HD-OPTICS

Swarovski provides a best fluoride-containing HD glass type that minimizes scattering. These lenses eliminate color aberrations and thus providing very colorful images free of any distortions from edge to edge and improved resolution.


swarovski hd optics
Swarovski HD Optics


The first manufacturer in the world to use this technology, Swarovski Optik integrates unique highly reflective prism coatings for incredible color fidelity across the whole light spectrum. It keeps colors incredibly true and also decreases flare in low-light conditions.



This anti-reflection coating applied on all lenses significally enhances light transmission, ensuring very bright images and also helps to increase color fidelity, contrast and resolution. They are uniquely applied on the lenses and together with Swarodur coating provides high quality images on all Swarovski hunting optics.


The Swarodur coating significally minimizes reflections and provides incredibly clear images. This anti-reflective coating is applied on all glass surfaces of the prisms and lenses to reduce reflection and also provides brighter images with better contrast through the whole light-wave spectrum. These coatings reduce surface light reflection from 4-6% to 0.2%


Swarotop, Swarodur


Swaroclean hydrophobic coating is applied on all outer lenses for reducing surface tension. With this technology it’s easier to clean lenses of eyepieces and objectives. Swaroclean reduces the amount of moisture such as water and oil and solid particles to stick on the lenses, such as tree resin, insect repellents, dust, dirt and debris. Less intensive cleaning over time helps to increase the life of your optics. These coating is especially convenient when using hunting optics for marine applications or during extreme weather conditions.




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