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Swarovski CL CURIO 7×21


Swarovski Optik, a world-leading manufacturer of long‐range sports optics, sets the ball rolling with its latest binoculars release. The designer behind the new CL CURIO binoculars, Marc Newson, said: “My design language is about simplicity, functionality, and – I’d like to think – has a certain uniqueness.” And so, the CL CURIO 7×21 was born.

The Perfect Choice for Nature Lovers

These Swarovski binoculars are something special, as they set new standards with the lightest and smallest binoculars in their product range. CURIO features a 7x magnification accompanied by a 21 mm objective lens, which is where optical quality also meets viewing comfort and makes observation of nature a sheer pleasure. Along with the traditional colour combination, there is also an interesting combination of silver and orange available for those who want to step out of their comfort zone.

Our team was quick to test out the product and we were more than impressed by its performance. The field of view of 135 m/1000 m does not disappoint, the image is extremely sharp around the edges and overall, optically, CURIO exceeded our expectations. The CL model is small, easy to handle, foldable, and ready to be used in almost any circumstance (except in low light). Do not let its tininess fool you – these binoculars are powerful.

Source: Swarovski Optik

Technical Data Sheet

Model: Swarovski CL CURIO 7×21 Binoculars
Configuration: 7×21
Prism Type: Roof – Schmidt/Pechan
Eye Relief: 16 mm
Linear Field of View: 135 m/1000 m
Angular Field of View: 7.7°
Exit Pupil: 3 mm
Close Focus: 2.5 m
Height x Width x Weight: 44 mm x 95 mm x 250g
Body type: Dual hinge

What is New?

Introducing a new pocket binocular was a bit unpredictable for Swarovski, considering the fact that a series of pocket binoculars by Swarovski already exists, but who could miss an opportunity of having Marc Newson design their product? CL CURIO is currently also the most compact pair of binoculars from Swarovski. It truly lives up to the name ‘pocket’ as when you fold it, it is so small that you can literally put it in any pocket. Price-wise, it is currently also the cheapest binocular in their offer, even though the price does not differ much from the CL Pocket model.

In the Box

With the purchase of Swarovski CL CURIO 7×21, the user receives a full set of premium accessories:

  • field bag with magnetic closure
  • cord carrying strap
  • compact protective eyepiece cover
  • microfiber cloth
  • CSO cleaning set optics
  • VPA Variable Phone Adapter with AR-Bs adapter ring for CL Pocket and CL CURIO

Expect the Unexpected

Marc Newson has been described as one of the most influential designers of his generation. When designing the CL CURIO, he most certainly did not disappoint, as the binoculars are a great buy for all sports optics enthusiasts, and because it is so unique, collectors want to get a hold of it as well.

Bikers, hikers, nature enthusiasts – everyone who wishes to have a great pair of binoculars tucked away in their pockets will appreciate them, as the CL CURIO 7×21 are perfectly positioned for popularity amongst design lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. As Swarovski said: “Something might look simple at first glance or seem to work very easily, but incredible things can be hidden beneath the surface.”

Swarovski CL CURIO 7x21
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Swarovski CL CURIO 7x21
Swarovski Optik sets the ball rolling with its latest binoculars release called CL CURIO 7x21 by the designer Marc Newson.
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Optics Info
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