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Sightron SIII Zero Stop

Introduction of the feature

Sightron has finally come up with an innovative solution to add zero stop to SIII scopes. Looking at its design and functionality, it is similar to the zero stop on riflescopes made by March. The zero stop will be affordable and simple to use. Even though the price will be lower than what we are used to, the zero stop will do its job properly (stop the turret when it reaches the set zero). It is important to keep in mind that it is designed for target scopes, not for tactical scopes. The zero stop will be featured on some of the Sightron SIII target riflescopes as standard, making them even more competitive in the sport shooting market. To set the zero stop, you have to zero the rifle, match the “0” mark on the turret with the line beneath, rotate the zero stop ring so that it moves up until it stops, and tighten the three screws on the ring. Once that is done, the turret can only be moved upwards; when you rotate it back, it stops at zero. The system is very basic but it does the trick. Many sport shooters will find the zero stop to be of great help. A great addition by Sightron.



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