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Schmidt & Bender novelties 2017


Schmidt & Bender has a habit of presenting new riflescopes at Shot Show annually, but this was not the case this year. Some might be disappointed, but we approve of this approach – sports optics products remain topical for a long time (10 years & more) and cannot be equated with smartphones where the public demands an upgrade each year. By updating the already excellent features and working on details other manufacturers don’t even think of, Schmidt & Bender has once again made sure that they are one step in front of the others.


MT II turret

MT II is a tactical turret that will be used on riflescopes of the last generation (5–45×56 PM II High Power, 3–27×56 PM II High Power, 5–25×56 PM II and 3–20×50 PM II Ultra Short). It comes with 5 mm clicks (each click moves the point of impact for 5 mm at a distance of 100 m), which is logical considering that it is designed for long range shooting (1 cm per click is often too much when shooting at long distances). A model such as 5–45 is not limited to tactical situations, therefore some users might find this sport-oriented click mechanism useful. The clicks produce a crisp, audible sound. The new MT II turret has a top made turn indicator based on pins that stick out after the turret has been rotated to a certain point, allowing the user to readily determine in which turn the turret is. MT I, its predecessor, had solely a window with numbers on top – the user could not ascertain in which turn the turret was when it was dark, which is why the turret was meant for daytime use only (sport shooting). MT II maintains this feature but is enhanced with the aforementioned mechanism that makes it suitable for night-time use as well. The turret is also equipped with Zero Stop and a locking function. The locking mechanism is particularly interesting because the switch has 3 positions: unlocked with MTC turned off; unlocked with MTC turned on; and locked. We find it unusual that the turret offers 6 mils of elevation in one turn and would prefer if it granted 5 mils in one turn. It would be great if this turret was also available on the 12–50×56 model.

MT II Turret
MT II Turret

New Reticle (LRR-MIL)

This reticle is far more suitable for big zoom than the previous reticles. It can be clearly seen on low magnifications and does not cover too much on high magnifications. It also has a dial for determining the distance. We anticipate that the users who liked the P4FL reticle and the MSR reticle will be pleased with this one as well. Schmidt&Bender has finally introduced a reticle that can be used on super-zoom first focal plane riflescopes. This reticle will be available on the following models: 3-20×50 Ultra Short, 5-25×56, 3-27×56 High Power and 5-45×56 High Power. An important upgrade – without doubt.

LRR-MIL Reticle
LRR-MIL Reticle

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