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Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight

During Shot Show 2024, our team stopped by the Riton booth to check out the latest from Riton Optics. Based in Tucson, Arizona, since its founding in 2013, Riton Optics has gained a solid reputation worldwide. We were interested in learning more about their newest product, the Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight.

Minimalistic Enclosed Sight from Riton

Many users might already be familiar with Riton’s Tactix series of red dot sights which are known for their solid performance at a reasonable price. This year, Riton has added to the series with the introduction of the Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight.

The 1 Tactix EED features an enclosed design that is sleek and compact, which makes it comfortable to handle and an attractive option for concealed carry. While it is primarily designed for handguns, we also see it mounted on a shotgun or a rifle when paired with an appropriate adapter plate. It follows the Aimpoint Acro mounting standard, allowing for easy mounting on any adapter designed for the Acro and also making it really straightforward to find aftermarket adapters. It comes supplied with two plates: the Glock MOS Plate and the RMSc one; and offers a 2 MOA dot size with ten adjustable brightness levels, including two levels that are compatible with night vision devices. The windage and elevation adjustments are located on the front and sides of the body and require a tool for adjustments.

Riton 1 Tactix EED
Riton 1 Tactix EED

The battery compartment for the Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight is positioned on the side opposite the brightness controls, unlike the more conventional placement under the device. This makes it easier for users to change the battery without needing to remove the sight and re-zero it. The RDS uses a CR1631 battery, which the manufacturer estimates can last for about 30,000 hours, translating to almost 3.5 years of use. The 1 Tactix EED also features Shake Awake technology, turning on with movement and shutting down after 3 minutes of no activity. It has a large 21.0 mm x 16.5 mm viewing window to spot your target and find the dot easily. The built quality looks promising and the EED is certified as waterproof and shockproof up to 1200 g’s.

Innovative Design at a Competitive Price

We anticipate the price of Tactix EED to be slightly over 300 € for the European market, with a 2-year warranty included. It is great to see new contributors to the market. We think Riton’s battery placement and solid build quality will surely bring it closer to competitors.

Riton 1 Tactix EED
Riton 1 Tactix EED

The dot is expected to be available in Q1, and we’re looking forward to bringing it to our shelves for field testing.

Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight
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Riton 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight
At this year's Shot Show 2024. we were interested in learning more about Riton's newest product, the 1 Tactix EED Red Dot Sight.
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Optics Trade
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