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Rifles With RIB Mounting Surface

Shotgun ribs are integral strips of metal found on the majority of shotguns and sometimes on combination rifles. Ribs are either soldered or brazed to the barrels, with various configurations such as ventilated ribs primarily used to reduce overall weight and solid ribs common on game guns to prevent ingress of dirt and water. The surface of the ribs is typically machined or chequered to prevent glare from sunlight, enhancing the shooter’s focus on the target.

Specifically, ribs can include design variations like a flat, raised, tapered, or reverse tapered profile, each tailored to affect the shooter’s sight line and target perception. Ventilated ribs also assist in dissipating heat from the barrels during shooting.

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Firearms That Are Equipped With RIB Mounting Surface

The firearms listed below all feature the RIB mounting surface. This means that the scope mounts are interchangeable among them, allowing for consistent compatibility across these models. Additionally, some ribs can feature drilled and tapped holes, providing further options for mounting scopes and other accessories directly on the rib.

If you have any additional information on models that could be included in our list, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate your efforts and contributions to ensure our list is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Rifles With RIB Mounting Surface
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Rifles With RIB Mounting Surface
This article lists rifles in specific sub-groups under the RIB mounting surface with interchangeable scope mounts.
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