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Rifles With Chapuis ROLS Mounting Surface

The Chapuis ROLS rifle is a straight-pull bolt action rifle known for its efficient modular design. It allows for easy barrel removal from the action using an Allen key. The rifle features a circular locking ring with seven locking lugs that engage directly into the barrel, designed to handle pressures up to 123,000 psi. This system enables the adaptation of the rifle to different calibers, including magnum calibers, by swapping out the bolt head.

Chapuis ROLS also offers a single-stage trigger with a pull weight of approximately 1588 g (3.5 lbs). It includes dual ejectors and a rotary detachable magazine with a 4+1 capacity. The magazine is released by a two-step button process at the front end of the magazine.

For mounting optics, the receiver features grooves on each side suitable for scope mounts. In the middle, there is a recoil notch. The rear end of the bolt housing includes a manual cocking lever for enhanced safety, and the rifle is fitted with luminescent rear sights and an adjustable front sight. A rubber recoil pad on the rear end of the stock helps absorb recoil, contributing to a more comfortable shooting experience.

The Mounting Surface of Chapuis ROLS

Rifles That Are Equipped With Chapuis ROLS Mounting Surface

The rifles listed below all feature the unique Chapuis ROLS mounting surface, designed specifically for this model. This surface supports Chapuis’s proprietary scope mounting system, which is shaped to fit the design of the ROLS rifle.

As far as our knowledge goes, currently, no other rifles currently feature the same mounting surface as the Chapuis ROLS. If you have any additional information on models that should be included in our list, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We value your contributions and efforts to keep our list comprehensive and current.

Rifles With Chapuis ROLS Mounting Surface
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Rifles With Chapuis ROLS Mounting Surface
This article lists rifles in specific sub-groups under the Chapuis ROLS mounting surface with interchangeable scope mounts.
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