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Rifles With Browning Phoenix Mounting Surface

The Browning Phoenix is a semi-automatic shotgun operating on a gas system that uses the combustion energy to cycle shots, with a return spring that advances the bolt assembly and loads the next cartridge into the chamber. The top of the receiver is equipped with four special notches designed for attaching scope mounts. Although these notches bear some resemblance to those found on Merkel rifles, the mounts are not interchangeable between the two. Additionally, the Phoenix includes a transversal-type safety located inside the trigger guard.

The safety is easily adjustable for left-handed shooters and shows a visible red indicator when the firearm is ready to fire. The shotgun also features a single, crisp trigger and a tubular magazine that holds up to three cartridges.

Browning Phoenix Mounting Surface

Rifles That Are Equipped With Browning Phoenix Mounting Surface

The rifles listed below all feature the same Browning Phoenix mounting surface. This means that the scope mounts are interchangeable between them, allowing for consistent compatibility across these models. Currently, the only models that we know of that share this mounting surface are the Browning Phoenix and the Browning Fusion Evolve.

If you have any additional information on models that could be included in our list, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate your efforts and contributions to ensure our list is comprehensive and up-to-date.

Rifles With Browning Phoenix Mounting Surface
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Rifles With Browning Phoenix Mounting Surface
This article lists rifles in specific sub-groups under the Browning Phoenix mounting surface with interchangeable scope mounts.
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