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Revic Optics PMR 428 (IWA 2019)


Revic Optics is a United States based company which was founded in late 2013. The engineers came up with a brilliant idea to make a rifle scope with integrated sensors for long-distance shooting. At IWA Outdoor Classics 2019, Revic Optics had a booth, so I took a look at their PMR rifle scope.

Revic PMR 428 at IWA 2019


Revic PMR 428 features a variable magnification from 4.5x to 28x and a big objective diameter of 56 millimeters. The main tube diameter tube is 34 millimeters, and it features exposed tactical turrets. The parallax is adjustable from 50 yards (46 meters) to infinity, and the internal elevation is 85 MOA or 25 MIL. The information listed here gives one the impression that this is a normal tactical rifle scope you can buy from any other brand.

Whatsoever, PMR 428 is a revolutionary rifle scope, a first of its kind. It features many sensors which are very important for long range shooting. In the PMR 428, the following sensors are integrated – a compass, incline, cant, pressure, temperature, and an absolute positional rotary encoder.

Revic PMR 428 at IWA 2019

All these sensors constantly measure and send information to the integrated ballistic calculator, on which you can save your ballistic data. It then calculates the gravity drop, wind deflection, spin drift, Coriolis effect, aerodynamic jump, headwind or tailwind, and the Eotvos effect. Another unique feature of this rifle scope is the internal display on top of the reticle. This display provides the shooter with all necessary data to hit the target.

When you program the Revic rifle scope with your ballistic data, you are all set for long-distance shooting. You simply turn the elevation turret, and the internal display shows you for what distance you dialed in. The rifle scope calculates all the necessary data for your trajectory, so the only thing you have to do is to aim for the wind. You can also program the wind speed in the rifle scope – if you do, it will show you the wind drift of the bullet directly in clicks.

Revic PMR 428 at IWA 2019

All the electronics are powered with a single AAA battery which is hidden in the magnification ring, and it works simultaneously as a throw lever. Until now, it was available in MOA/MOA version only, but Revic wants to conquer the European market as well, so they introduced a true MIL/MIL version of this scope.

For Revic PMR 428, two reticles are available – a standard MOA reticle with subtensions on the vertical and horizontal line, and the MIL reticle, which is similar as Horus Vision reticles, with many additional points for hold-over and wind. I’m pretty sure this reticle will be very popular among ELR shooters because of the Christmas tree design and many points for faster shooting and easier corrections. Both reticles are illuminated, and the interesting feature of the PMR is that you can choose the color of the illumination.

Revic PMR 428 at IWA 2019


Revic PMR 428 is a serious optic for long-distance shooting. Even though it was introduced a year ago, it is still a big novelty on the market. With all these features, PMR 428 is one of the best rifle scopes you can buy. The price for the riflescope – lifetime warranty on optics and mechanics included – is also normal at 3000 EUR in Europe. There is a 5-year warranty period on electronics.

Revic PMR 428 at IWA 2019



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