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Pulsar Firmware Update 4.10

On August 4th, 2021 Pulsar released a new firmware update 4.10 that grants improved detail rendering of observed warm objects.

Pulsar Firmware Update 4.10

To update the firmware, install the free mobile application Stream Vision / Stream Vision 2 from Google Play or App Store. Then connect your smartphone to the thermal imaging device through Wi-Fi and update the firmware. The update improves the identification of near objects and tiny details. Download it for your Helion 2 XQ or XP PRO or Thermion 2 XQ or 2 XP.

What is new?

Pulsar has rolled out a firmware update adding new features, such as brighter, clearer, and more natural images of warm and hot objects. Another improvement the update brings is an even more detailed image compared to the previous version. Pulsar also added Image Boost Indication to the status bar for an enhanced graphical interface.

Firmware Update 4.10 is available for the following thermal devices:

  • Helion 2 XQ38F thermal imaging monocular
  • Helion 2 XQ50F thermal imaging monocular
  • Helion 2 XP50 Pro thermal imaging monocular
  • Thermion 2 XQ38 thermal imaging riflescope
  • Thermion 2 XQ50 thermal imaging riflescope
  • Thermion 2 XP50 thermal imaging riflescope



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