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Noblex Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual



The spotting scope you have acquired is a top product with precisionmechanical parts. It is manufactured for the highest standards of optical imaging performance, according to the latest developments in the optical calculation and optical technology and is robust in processing. By using ED optics with broadband anti-reflection, the spotting scope has a color-pure and high-contrast image, as well as a high transmission. The device is also suitable for people who wear glasses and is protected against splash water.

Noblex Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual
Noblex Spotting Scopes Instruction Manual


Included in the delivery are:

  • Cleaning cloth
  • Warranty card
  • Readiness coating
  • Protective cap of the objective lens and of the eyepiece


Model 8-24×50
Magnification 8 – 24x
Ø Objective aperture [mm] 50
Visual field [m at 100m] 88 – 42
Close range [m] 1.5
Ø Exit pupil [mm] 6.2 – 2.1
Exit pupil longitudinal distance [mm] 18
Diopter compensation [dpt] ±6.0
Twilight performance 34.6 – 20
Focal length [mm 168
Max. length [mm] 176
Max. width [mm 60
Max. height [mm] 118
Weight [g 530


Distance adjustment and eye defects compensation

In order to be possible to observe an object at different distances equally clearly and with high contrast, it is necessary to set the spotting scope to the appropriate distance. While observing the object, the focus wheel (1) should be turned to the right or to the left until the clearest and most contrasting observation is achieved. Thus, even eye defects of up to ±6 diopters can be compensated.

Adaptation of the eyecup

In case of these models, they are models for people who wear glasses. The normal-sighted observer turns outwards the eyecup (2) up to the stop.

People who wear glasses use the spotting scope with the eyecup turned inwards, in order to use the full visual field.

Magnification change

Depending on the subject distance and light conditions, the appropriate magnification can be easily adjusted by turning the magnification ring (3) up to 120°. For better orientation, the most important magnification values are engraved on the tube, whereby any intermediate magnification can be infinitely adjusted while maintaining the same image quality and acuteness of vision.

Connection for a tripod

The device can be used handheld due to its low weight or it can be mounted on a standard tripod with the help of the existing connection thread of ¼“ (4).

Eyepiece connecting

The spotting scope is provided with an eyepiece-connecting thread of M36x0.75-6h, length 6.5mm and thus it is easily interchangeable by a suitable eyepiece. With a compatible adapter, a smartphone can be quickly and easily connected to the spotting scope and can be used as a camera for digiscoping.


The spotting scope requires no special care, it is virtually maintenance free.

Optic external surfaces must be cleaned with a fine brush or a soft cloth if necessary. Coarse dirt particle should be rinsed off or blown off before wiping. An excessive rubbing when brushing the optical parts can destroy the anti-reflection coating. No chemical solvents should be used and the device should be stored dry! In addition, it is always recommended to use the eyepiece protective cap and the lens protective cap after use.

Furthermore, the ever-ready case included in the scope of delivery serves for safe storage as well as for use, due to the easy disassembly possibility of the eyepiece protection and objective lens protection.

Because of the continuous, further development of our products, deviations from the illustrations and the text of this prospect are possible. Its copy – even in extracts – is only permitted with our authorization. We reserve the right of translation. For publications we gladly provide available reproductions of illustrations.



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