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March FX 4.5-28×52 High Master Review | Optics Trade Reviews

The March FX 4.5-28×52 High Master was introduced in 2021, and it is an excellent scope for any avid shooter. In this post, I will provide an in-depth review of the scope, highlighting its features and advantages.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master

About the March riflescopes

March is an esteemed company renowned for its F-class rifle scopes with large magnifications, the most notable being their 8-80×56 model that still holds the record as having one of the biggest magnification rates on the market. In addition to this success, March has recently branched out into providing EL equipment through its Genesis series.

To target the PRS market, March has released its FX 4.5-28×52 riflescope from its High Master Series. Outfitted with two additional super ED lenses, this scope is sure to be a powerful asset to any serious shooter in this niche market. All March riflescopes come equipped with ED lenses, yet those made of Super ED are a level higher and will give you an even sharper image.

Who makes March rifle scopes

Since 2004, Dayon has been crafting high-quality March riflescopes in central Japan. With decades of experience under their belt, the engineers craft each part and lens with meticulous care – all within the country’s boundaries. Crafted in Japan with the utmost care and attention to detail, these scopes are a testament to quality.

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Overview of March FX 4.5-28x52mm tactical turret rifle scope

As I mentioned earlier, the High Master series is equipped with two advanced lenses to further enhance your viewing experience. This cutting-edge technology is exclusive and only offered in a select number of scopes.

The March FX 4.5-28×52 scope is designed with a remarkable 6x zoom factor magnification and a 34mm main tube that provides an impressive 4mm of thickness per side, making the riflescope highly durable to face any abuse it may encounter.

This top-of-the-line riflescope features magnification from 4.5 to 28x and a 52-millimetres objective lens, with an exterior diameter of 60 millimetres. It also provides the capability for mounting clip-on night vision or thermal devices.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master with tactical turrets
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master with tactical turrets

Physical properties

Crafted entirely in Japan, this durable scope is capable of withstanding all calibres including 50 BMG. Its argon-purged internal makes it perfect for use even in the coldest climates without the risk of fogging lenses. This scope is fully waterproof, remaining effective down to four meters of depth.

Light Weight design

At only 318 millimetres in length and 845 grams in weight, this high-powered rifle scope is impressively lightweight for its size.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master feature a lightweight design


The reticle is positioned in the first focal plane. You have the option of selecting a scope with or without illumination, offering you four reticles for illuminated versions and two for non-illuminated ones. March FX 4.5-28×52 can be found in both MIL and MOA variations.

Illuminated reticles:

  1. FMA-3 (1/4 MOA)
  2. FML-3 (0.1 MIL)
  3. FML-PDKI (0.1 MIL)
  4. FML-TR1 (0.1 MIL)

Non-illuminated reticles:

  1. FML-LDK (0.1 MIL)
  2. FML-PDK (0.1 MIL)

FML-TR1 Reticle

The scope used in this review features the FML-TR1 reticle, a Christmas tree-style reticle with a very small 0.075 centre dot.

Reticle is crafted to ensure precise holdover without disrupting your view. The illuminated centre dot and cross are marked with 0.2 mrad and 0.5 mrad hash marks, respectively for enhanced visibility; while the four dots surrounding it on all sides allow you to make small corrections in a short amount of time as they are located exactly 0.5 mrads away from the centre horizontally and vertically.

FML-3 Reticle

The FML-3 reticle shares a similar structure to the FML-TR1, with one exception – it does not contain a Christmas tree-style component.

Illumination system

Nestled on the left side turret is an illumination system that can be used in dim lighting; however, the illumination is not suitable for brightly lit conditions.

The illumination system features 6 intensity settings. To adjust the settings, merely turn the small ring in the side turret; a line will indicate which level you are currently on. For turning off and on again at any time, simply press the button found in the centre of the side turret.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master illumination system
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master illumination system

This feature is ideal for maintaining a desired intensity setting, but its shortcoming lies in the fact that both parallax and intensity adjustments are on the same turret. As you adjust your intensity level, careful attention must be paid to holding onto your parallax; otherwise, it will move slightly off-centre. To prevent this from happening, firmly secure your parallax as soon as any changes to the intensity setting have been made – shifting of some degree is inevitable without this precaution.

Illumination is powered with only one CR 2032 battery. To access the battery compartment simply unscrew the left side turret. March FX 4.5-28×52 has also, an auto turn-off feature after one hour if you forget the illumination on.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master battery compartment
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master battery compartment

Parallax adjustment

As I mentioned previously, both parallax and illumination adjustments are located on the same turret. The parallax setting spans from 10 yards to infinity with a smooth wheel that allows for precise tuning of your adjustment. Unlike many scopes, this scope provides a full 360-degree rotation. This means that you can make precise parallax adjustments with ease and accuracy.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master illumination system
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master illumination system

Elevation turret

The turrets are tactical with direct adjustment; therefore, there is no locking feature. The clicks on scope used in this review correlate to milliradians: every click equals one centimetre at 100 meters. With a single revolution you can gain 10 MILs and its entire range covers 30 MILs; however, initial testing revealed it may offer up to 33 MILs.

The clicks on the elevation turret are both tactile and audible, providing a satisfying sensation. Additionally, it’s very easy to make one click at a time.

For the turn indicator, unfortunately, there is no physical one. However, fine white lines underneath the elevation turret act as a visual cue that makes it simple to detect revolution progress. While I would have preferred a tangible feature on this scope for more tactile feedback, its movement when turning gives enough of an indication even in dark environments.

Elevation turret ring

You’re receiving an elevation turret ring along with the scope, and it’s worth installing due to its beneficial view of your position. The larger dials are recommended if you want to save time in PRS-style shooting; they make for a much more effortless and speedy experience.

Installing this turret ring is simple—it only requires three screws on the elevation turret—and can truly enhance your shooting session.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master with larger dials on the elevation turret
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master with larger dials on the elevation turret

Zeroing the scope

To zero your scope, simply unscrew the three screws on the elevation turret and rotate it so that ‘zero’ is facing forward. Securely fasten them afterwards and you’re all set.

Zero stop function 

The elevation turret has a highly functional zero-set feature that is simple to use. For instance, if you adjust the turret at 3 MILs and twist the top section of the elevation turret with a coin, then the zero stop will be established. You can go higher than the set point but won’t ever fall beneath it – so no more worrying about going below your desired setting.

For some people, it’s best to set their zero a few clicks below the minimum. This zero-stop style makes it effortless to adjust the clicks according to one’s preference. For instance, if you want three clicks down from zero, simply move that portion accordingly. The great thing about this feature is if that isn’t enough for you then increasing it up to 10 or 20 clicks can be done as well.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master - setting the zero-stop
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master – setting the zero-stop

Windage turret

I find the capped windage turret to be particularly useful, as I personally do not require clicks for windage. Yet even when one removes the cap, the turret still remains waterproof and dustproof – allowing you to use your scope with, or without its cover.

March FX 4.5-28x52 with capped windage turret
March FX 4.5-28×52 with capped windage turret

The windage travel of 20 MIL is fairly substantial, while the clicks are both audible and pleasant.

The windage turret is marked up to five MIL in each direction, however, it can be adjusted further. I don’t favour this type of windage turret because if you’re not paying attention you can easily make a whole revolution of an error.

I favour a turret design that has a hard stop at the centre and allows me to go five MIL left or right. Such an arrangement would be more beneficial than this one.

The windage turret can be zeroed in the same way as the elevation turret. Simply unscrew the screws, set your zero, and firmly secure them back in place.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master windage turret
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master windage turret

Optical performance

FX 4.5-28×52 features quite a wide field of view. The field of view at 4.5x zoom is 9.7m at 100m, and at the highest magnification (28x zoom), it’s 1.56m at 100m. With the eye relief extending from 70 to 93.7 millimetres, you can safely use this scope on even heavy-duty calibres like 50 BMG.

The eye box on this riflescope is truly remarkable. On 4.5x magnification, my experience was excellent; however, on 28x zoom, it wasn’t quite as good yet still satisfactory.

At the lowest magnification of 4.5x, I noticed that the image was a bit blurry and not as sharp as it is at higher magnifications. The colours were still very accurate though. Around the centre of the reticle, however, I found that everything was crystal clear- perfect in terms of clarity and sharpness.

Modifier disc

With the scope, you will receive the modifier disc, which can be easily and quickly mounted on the objective of the scope. With the installation of the modifier disc, you get a much smaller objective diameter.

Wondering what a modifier disc can do?

It reduces the incoming light by 50%, increases focus range by up to half and cuts down on mirages. This disc is simply a lightweight aluminium ring with no lenses inside, weighing approximately seven to eight grams. During the day the disc won’t influence image quality; however, in lower light conditions it may be necessary to remove the disc as it drastically darkens the image.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 with a modifier disc
March-FX 4.5-28×52 with a modifier disc

Wide Angle Eyepiece

The eyepiece boasts a remarkable design feature – the entire outer part is rotatable, allowing for fine-tuning of the reticle with a diopter to your exact specifications. Additionally, there is also a counter ring that you adjust by screwing it onto the ocular portion and then pushing it into place, ensuring that once set in one spot all changes are locked away from external influences.

I particularly love this solution as most of us won’t need to tinker with our settings after just one use; plus if ever we encounter any bumpy terrain or objects along our way, rest assured everything remains unchanged no matter what.

March FX 4.5-28x52 eyepiece
March FX 4.5-28×52 eyepiece

Power Range

As I mentioned, the March FX Tactical 4.5-28×52 offers a powerful magnification range of 4.5 to 28 and its 52-millimetre objective lens ensures that you can use the scope even in lower lighting conditions. The magnification is incredibly smooth and can be adjusted from the lowest to the highest setting with merely a 180-degree turn.

March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master with a throw lever
March-FX 4.5-28×52 High Master with a throw lever

You can expect to receive a plastic throw lever when you purchase this scope. While I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite, the installation of the throw lever is quite straightforward – all you need to do is snap it on the magnification ring. Though its construction material isn’t ideal, there is one perk that comes with using plastic: if an obstacle gets in your way and knocks into your scope, breaking any part of it won’t be as much of an issue since only the throw lever would be damaged instead.

Plastic throw lever
Plastic throw lever

March FX 4.5-28×52 price and warranty

The warranty on the March FX Tactical 4.5-28×52 is ten years. We have not had any warranty claims up to now and we have sold many March riflescopes.

This March is available for 3739€, however, you can customize the scope with illumination and/or a lockable tactical turret to fit your needs. Illumination will cost an additional 260€ and the lockable tactical turret 50€ more on top of that.

Scope of delivery

When it comes to the scope, you get a plethora of accessories included. So what exactly does the box contain?

March FX 4.5-28x52 scope of delivery
March FX 4.5-28×52 scope of delivery

Firstly, you get the warranty card which is an important document to fill out in case anything happens. But I can confidently state that this scenario is highly improbable as we have sold many March scopes and not one of them has been sent back for repairs.

The paperwork for the mounting process is included, as well as instructions on how to properly mount your scope. The owner’s manual contains all the information you need regarding reticle subtensions and everything else related to the product.

Flip-up covers, constructed from high-quality plastic are also included in the package. They provide an enjoyable tactile experience.

In the package, there are also a sunshade, a cleaning cloth, a throw lever, a modifier disc, and an elevation turret ring. Furthermore, you’ll obtain an additional ring that can be placed on the parallax wheel. This gives you a handier way to manipulate the turret with its extra-large size.

To ensure that you never misplace it, the zero ring tool comes with a small loop that allows you to attach it to your keychain or bag.

Zero ring tool
Zero ring tool


Primarily, what stands out to me about this scope is the extensive list of accessories that come with it. Not even other March rifle scopes can compete with the sheer quantity of tools and equipment provided by this one.

Not only does this high-end riflescope have superior build quality, but the parts are also beautifully crafted. Plus, thanks to its advanced eyepiece design, it provides an impressive field of view and pristine image clarity.

I am truly enamoured with its six reticle choices, giving you the flexibility to either opt for illuminated or nonilluminated. Not only does this provide you with an array of customizable options, but it also allows you to save a few euros if the illumination is not necessary.

The clicks are nice, they are tactile and audible. Not only do I appreciate the compact and lightweight design of this scope, but its locking eyepiece is a great feature. Furthermore, the capped windage turret provides users with an added level of customization – they can opt to keep it on or take it off.

Pros summary:

  1. lots of accessories
  2. good build quality
  3. wide FOV
  4. advanced eyepiece design
  5. 6 reticles options
  6. lightweight design
  7. compact design
March FX 4.5-28x52 riflescope
March FX 4.5-28×52 riflescope


Now for the not-so-sweet part – where is there still room for improvement?

To begin with, the illumination system: March had to devise an option that would allow you to modify the brightness without relocating your parallax setting since it is not always possible or practical for one to maintain control of their parallax when they adjust its intensity.

I don’t like the fact that there is no mechanical turn indicator. Also, on the lower side of the magnification, the edge sharpness is not great.

In my opinion, the windage turret could be improved. A solution that sacrifices some travel in exchange for an inability to make a complete revolution would serve as an improvement overall. Generally speaking, shooters do not require 10 MIL of windage adjustment unless they are dealing with especially strong winds.

Lastly, while the clicks are nice, they could be firmer. The turret is surprisingly easy to rotate which can make it difficult for hunting or tactical purposes as a slight bump against an obstacle will result in a change of a few clicks.

Cons summary

  1. illumination system design
  2. no mechanical turn indicator
  3. windage turret design
  4. clicks should be firmer
March FX 4.5-28x52 riflescope
March FX 4.5-28×52 riflescope

Final thoughts

Overall, the March FX Tactical 4.5-28×52 is a great riflescope that is perfect for long-range shooting even in low-light conditions. It offers a wide field of view and excellent image clarity, and its six reticle options give users plenty of customizable options to choose from. The extensive list of accessories included in the package makes it even more appealing.

The illumination system could be improved with a design that would allow users to modify the brightness without disturbing their parallax setting. Additionally, the lower side of magnification could use some improvement when it comes to edge sharpness. While the clicks are nice they could be firmer so bumps against obstacles don’t result in changes in settings.

Still, overall this high-end rifle scope has superior build quality and parts that are beautifully crafted. Plus, thanks to its advanced eyepiece design it provides an impressive field of view and pristine image clarity – making it ideal for hunting or tactical purposes!

March FX 4.5-28x52
March FX 4.5-28×52
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March-FX 4.5-28x52 High Master riflescope
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