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Leica technology


Advanced Ballistic Compensation

This technology provides calculations implemented on range finding binoculars. This intelligent ballistic program provides accurate information important when facing the challenging terrain and for any military and law enforcement applications. It helps you to correct the bullet drop at any distance and make use of ballistic reticule and/or BDC turret. The three modes of operations calculate:

  1. Required elevation deviation from point of impact
  2. Exact correction of point-of-impact value displayed in MOA or MIL click adjustments
  3. Equivalent horizontal range value according to the angle of declination based on gravitation force, temperature and barometric pressure.
Leica ABC
Leica ABC


Automatic Diopter Compensation

Duovid binoculars have implemented Diopter compensation program that maintains the value when switching between different magnifications.

Leica ADC
Leica ADC


APOchromatic aberration correction

APO correction is achieved by special high-fluoride glass implemented in binoculars. This technology improves optical performance by reducing color fringing. Images are rich in detail – helps you to see detailed and lifelike images even under low-light conditions.


Aquadura hydrophobic coatings on external glass surfaces repels moisture, oil, dust and other particles. This technology also makes binoculars resistant to scratches and abrasions and helps you to clean lenses quite easily. This significantly helps you to increase durability of binoculars and improves the comfort when observing the wildlife.

Leica AquaDura
Leica AquaDura


Aspherical lenses

This optical system provides implementation of aspherical lenses. Different refraction results in amazing edge-to-edge sharpness throughout the whole visual field.


Equivalent Horizontal Range

EHR technology increases the accuracy in range finding binoculars. Special algorithm takes in to account the angle of measurement and calculates the distance to the target which will influence bullet drop.

Leica EHR
Leica EHR

FL glass

Fluoride optical glass

This glass contains fluoride, which significantly corrects aberrations. It also provides a contrast rich images and natural color rendition.


Highly Durable Coating

These multi-coatings that are applied to lenses increases durability of external lens surfaces and provides incredibly resistant construction. Due to high degree of transparency these coating also enhances light transmission and helps with a very bright look-through.



This technology is implemented in Duovid and Ultravid binoculars that significantly increases light transmission and also provides contrast rich and razor-sharp images. HLS coatings are anti-reflective, thus reducing inner reflections.

Razor-sharp images
Razor-sharp images


P40 coating

P40 Leica coatings provide a phase correction of all roof prisms. The anti-reflective material reduces reflections and minimizes stray light.

Perger Porro-System

Very uniquely erecting system combines both: Roof prism and Porro prism design, providing best of both worlds. Implemented in Geovid HD binoculars, they provide incredible light transmission, rich contrast and improved plasticity.



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