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Kahles Twist Guard Locking Function | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to talk about the Kahles Twist Guard locking function.

The twist guard is a part of the windage turret that freely rotates. Its main function is preventing unintentional rotation of turrets.

Other premium manufacturers make turrets with a locking function. The locking function works well but it’s noisy and it’s hard to change the settings in some hectic situations, which can even result in the turret breaking.

The solution from Kahles is not as effective at preventing an unintentional change of settings as the ordinary locking mechanism. The twist guard is about halfway towards completely reducing the risk of unintentional movement of the turret.

With the twist guard, Kahles made their turrets easy to use in all situations.

The twist guard is featured only on the windage turrets. It isn’t on the elevation turrets probably because it would be hard to produce it with a mechanical turn indicator. This solution also prevents accidental breaks that could occur with an ordinary locking turret.

The Kahles twist guard is patented.

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