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Kahles Helia TI+

Kahles has introduced a new generation of their thermal monoculars, TI+. They are designed for hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and security personnel.

Model range

With two models to choose from, the Helia TI 35+ and the Helia TI 18+, the manufacturer provides users the flexibility to choose the best model for their needs. The Helia TI 35+ features a 35mm objective lens, which offers a base magnification of 2.0x and a field of view of 22 meters on 100 meters, making it ideal for long-range observations. On the other hand, the Helia TI 18+ features a 17.5mm objective lens, providing a base magnification of 1.0 and a field of view of 44 meters on 100 meters, making it a better choice for close-range observations (feeding grounds, for example). Both of them cost the same at the time of writing, which is 2,950.00 €.

Kahles Helia TI+

Improved Specifications

The new Kahles Helia TI+ generation features a 12μm VGA sensor with sub 20 mK NETD, which is approximately forty percent lower than the previous generation. This is a significant improvement, putting the device at the top of the market in the field. In addition, the new sensors have three times the pixels than the previous ones. Their resolution is 640×512 pixels, while the display offers the same resolution as Helia TI, 1024×768 pixels. Another important upgrade is the increased digital zoom of up to 8x. While most leading manufacturers in the field have already moved on from integrated batteries, this is unfortunately not the case with Kahles Helia TI+, which is the biggest downside of this monocular.

The Simplicity of the Design

The device is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, with only two control buttons, ensuring that users can quickly and easily access the features they need. Additionally, the device is equipped with an intelligent automatic switch-on/-off display with a tilt and motion sensor. Helia TI+ is ready to use in just a few seconds, ensuring that users do not miss any important observations.

Performance in Extreme Conditions

The Kahles Helia TI+ is built to last, with a rugged design that is drop-proof, waterproof, and ready for use in extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for outdoor use, as users can be confident that the device will continue to perform even in challenging environments.


Even though we are pleased to see a 640×512 pixel sensor in a Kahles monocular, we are a little bit disappointed that it does not feature a removable battery. Even though the battery life is decent, a power bank is a must-have if the hunt is going to take plenty of time, especially in the colder months. Since the product was only recently introduced, we have not tested it ourselves yet; hence, we will be able to provide additional information once we get our hands on it.

Kahles Helia TI+
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Kahles Helia TI+
The Kahles Helia TI+ is a thermal monocular designed for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, and security personnel. There are two models available for every occasion.
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