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Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

Leapers has recently released a new tactical riflescope called the Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56. Currently, this product is only available in one configuration with an M1 reticle and 0.1 MIL adjustment per click.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

About the Integrix brand

Leapers Incorporated introduced a new brand called Integrix during the 2023 Shot Show. The company is well-known in the shooting sports world, specifically for producing scope mounts, riflescopes, red dots, bipods, and other accessories under the UTG and UTG PRO brands.

In 1992, Leapers was founded in Michigan, USA. The company has accumulated substantial experience over 30 years and has recently launched the Integrix brand to reflect this.

Looking for Integrix iX6?

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56

There are three series and five models currently available:

Integrix iX6:

Integrix iX4:

Integrix iX8:

With Integrix series, Leapers offers 5 riflescopes that cater to the needs of both short and long-range shooting. Currently, all scopes come with MOA clicks, except for the 4.5-27×56 model that has MIL clicks.

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Physical Properties of Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

The Integrix iX6 is a tactical long-range riflescope with MIL clicks and a MIL reticle. The scope is made entirely of metal and has no rubber components. Its design allows it to handle powerful calibers, including .338 Lapua Magnum or higher.

The riflescope can be used in extreme temperatures ranging from -40 to +70 degrees Celsius. It won’t experience any internal fogging in cold environments since it is nitrogen purged. It’s also waterproof with an IPX seven rating, meaning it can function normally even when submerged up to one meter deep.

Considering its magnification, this riflescope has a compact length of 355 millimeters. It weighs less than a kilogram, specifically 996 grams, so it is not too heavy. The scope’s main tube has a diameter of 34 millimeters, which means it is very durable.

The scope has a 56-millimeter objective lens with a 65-millimeter outside diameter, allowing it to be used with night vision or thermal attachments due to its magnification.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56


The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 comes with the M1 reticle which is positioned in the first focal plane.

The M1 reticle is a type of Christmas tree-style reticle that has MIL holdover lines and is suitable for long-range shooting. There are small dots located 0.5 MIL to the left and right of the main reticle, which makes it easier to see between the lines.

M1 reticle
M1 reticle

Illumination system 

The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 has an illumination system located on the left side turret. The reticle has two illumination options, either red or green. However, only the area around the center marked by one MIL is illuminated.

To turn on the illumination, simply press the button located on the side of the turret. You’ll hear a satisfying clicking sound.

Overall, there are eight intensity settings available for both the red and green colors. To switch between the colors, simply press and hold the main button on the side turret for a few seconds. The color of the illumination will then change.

To turn on the illumination, you need to insert a CR 2032 battery into the battery compartment located on the left side turret. You can access the compartment by unscrewing the turret cap.

The illumination has an automatic turnoff feature that activates after 12 hours when you make your last adjustment. This helps to save battery life.

Battery compartment on Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Battery compartment on Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment and illumination system are both located on the same turret. The parallax can be adjusted from 30 yards or 27 meters to infinity. Although I think that the rotation of the parallax is quite stiff, it is still possible to fine-tune it to your target.

Parallay adjustment and illumination system are located on the same left turret
Parallay adjustment and illumination system are located on the same left turretIntegrix iX6 4.5-27×56


The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 features exposed tactical turrets that are nicely designed and easy to grip. Both windage and elevation turrets have a locking function that can be engaged from any position, allowing you to lock the turret wherever you need it.

I have noticed that both the elevation and windage turrets have a slight wobble to them. However, it is not a significant issue, and I have seen worse in more expensive riflescopes.

Turrets on Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Turrets on Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Elevation turret

The elevation turret clicks are tactile and have a clear audible sound to them, making it easy to hear each click.

The elevation turret feature 0.1 MIL adjustment per click or one centimeter at 100 meters. One turn of the elevation turret provides 10 milliradians or 100 clicks of travel.

I believe that the scope’s internal elevation travel could be better. It is only 24 milliradians or 240 clicks, whereas other brands in this price range offer scopes with higher elevation travel, typically 27 milliradians or more.

Turn indicator

Under the elevation turret, there are fine white lines that serve as a turn indicator since the scope lacks a mechanical turn indicator. The long line beneath the turret serves as a mechanical zero, indicating that the inner tube of the scope is correctly aligned with the outer tube.

Although it may not be a major concern, it should be noted that generally the best image quality on most scopes available on the market can be found at the center.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

No Zero Stop

The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 scope does not include a zero-stop function, which in my opinion, would be a nice feature to have. I am unsure why Leapers decided not to integrate this function into the scope.

I have come up with a potential solution for the issue of the missing zero-stop feature.

To reset the elevation turret to zero, first, unscrew or loosen the two screws on the side of the turret. This will allow the turret to rotate freely.

What I did was rotate the turret downwards and then bring it back up a few rotations until the zero is facing forward. By tightening the screws back in, the turret will stop just a few clicks under the zero. In my situation, the turret falls below zero by 30 clicks. Although it is not a completely accurate zero stop, I believe it can still be used. Additionally, it eliminates the possibility of a full revolution error.

If you completely rotate the turret upwards, it still works fine, and you can still see the line indicating which revolution you are in. While not perfect, it could be considered a solution for the lack of a zero-stop function.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Windage turret

The windage turret clicks provide the same satisfying experience as the elevation turret because they are easy to hear and feel.

The windage turret and the elevation turret have the same adjustment per click value, which is 0.1 MIL. The windage turret has a total range of 10 MIL, with 5 MIL of travel available in each direction.

The turret has a useful feature: it won’t rotate beyond a certain point. This means that you won’t inadvertently lose your zero position when completing a full revolution. So, if you are adjusting your position, for example to the 5 MIL, or when shooting in windy conditions, you can avoid making mistakes by ensuring you always come back in the correct direction towards zero.

To reset the windage turret to zero, follow the same steps as resetting the elevation turret. First, loosen the two screws located on the top of the turret. Then, rotate the turret until the zero is facing forwards.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Optical Properties

The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 riflescope has exceptional optical properties, particularly its high light transmission rate of over 92% (as claimed by the manufacturer), resulting in a bright image.

Integrix used German SCHOTT and Japanese O’Hara glass elements in the scope. The glass is of high quality, and this is noticeable when looking through the scope. The image quality, resolution, edge-to-edge clarity, sharpness, and color accuracy are all excellent in my opinion.

When looking through the scope, the edges of the image are barely visible. The scope creates an illusion that the image is projected outside of it, rather than inside. This results in a clear and sizable image that is easy to see, no matter the level of magnification.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56 feature 56 mm objective lens
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 feature 56 mm objective lens

Magnification range and field of view

The riflescope has a magnification range of 4.5x to 27x and a 56-millimeter objective lens, making it suitable for use in darker environments while still providing a bright image. The scope also has a zoom factor of six times.

At 4.5 times magnification, the field of view is 8.4 meters at 100 meters, and at 27 times magnification, the field of view is 1.4 meters at 100 meters.

Eye relief and eye box

The eye relief, which is the distance between your eye and the scope, is 100 millimeters. This allows you to use the scope safely even with a strong recoiling rifle. Additionally, the eye relief and eye box are forgiving and easy to use at both 5 times and 27 times magnification. This means that you can easily operate the scope even at higher magnifications.


I like the stiffness of the European-style eyepiece on the scope because it prevents accidental movement after making adjustments.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56 feature European-style eyepiece
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 feature European-style eyepiece

The magnification ring 

The iX6 4.5-27×56 scope has a magnification ring that allows you to adjust the magnification from 4.5 to 27. The entire range of magnification can be covered with just a 180-degree turn. The magnification ring has a smooth finish and is easy to grip. There is also a small throw lever on the magnification ring.

The scope comes with an extra throw lever extension that is easy to install by securing it with a small screw. This extension improves your grip on the scope, making it ideal for PRS-style shooting.

Magnification ring on Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Magnification ring with throw lever on Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Scope of delivery

The package for Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 includes flip-up covers made of hard plastic, a sticker, a cleaning cloth, a registration card, and a user’s manual. Additionally, two hex wrenches are included for zeroing and throw lever installation, as well as a small throw lever extension.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery

iX6 4.5-27×56 Price and Warranty

The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 scope is priced at 2,700 Euros, but its exceptional optical quality justifies the cost. I believe that the scope’s internal components are of high quality, which contributes to its high price.

The riflescope is made in Taiwan and has a 10-year warranty.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56 is made in Taiwan
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 is made in Taiwan

Mounting solution

To mount the Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 scope to your rifle, you will require scope mount rings with a diameter of 34mm, as the scope has a 34mm main tube.

Need help to correctly mount your riflescope?

To shoot at distances beyond 1000 meters with cartridges like .308 or 6.5, I suggest using a scope mount with 20 MOA inclination.


To start on a positive note, the optical properties of this scope are excellent, as previously stated. Overall, I think the scope has good build quality. However, one downside is that the turrets wobble. Despite this, I find the scope’s easy-to-zero and locking turrets to be quite useful.

I like how easy it is to activate the illumination by pressing a button on the side turret. It’s also great that both green and red colors are available for illumination.

Pros summary:

  1. great optical quality
  2. good build quality
  3. nice illumination system
Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56


What are some areas for improvement? The scope could benefit from a zero-stop feature, especially given its high price point.

The internal elevation range of the scope is limited to 24 MIL. This is sufficient for normal shooting up to 1000 meters or yards, but if you need to shoot at longer distances, you will run out of elevation adjustment quickly.

Finally, I believe that the price of 2,700 Euros for a completely new brand is too high.

Cons summary:

  1. no zero-stop
  2. 20 MIL elevation range
  3. high price
Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

The Main Competitors

What other riflescope brands directly compete with the Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56? As far as I know, there are only two scopes in this price range with a similar magnification:

I believe that both scopes have superior turrets and a greater range of elevation. Although not always necessary, many users prefer the ability to shoot at longer distances when the opportunity arises.

Both Leica and Leupold are well-known brands and their high prices reflect their established reputation. A price tag of 2,700 Euros for their products is not unusual. In comparison, Integrix should adjust its pricing to compete with these established brands.

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56
Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

Final Thoughts on Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56

The Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 riflescope provides a high light transmission rate that results in a bright image and offers excellent optical properties. The German SCHOTT and Japanese O’Hara glass elements used in the scope ensure sharpness, resolution, color accuracy, and edge-to-edge clarity. With its 100mm eye relief and forgiving eye box at both 5x and 27x magnifications, the scope is perfectly suited for long-range shooting.

The scope also features a magnification ring with a smooth finish, allowing users to quickly adjust the magnification with a 180-degree turn. Additionally, the throw lever extension allows for more precise control when shooting PRS-style competitions.

However, the scope is on the pricier side at 2,700 Euros and could benefit from extra features such as zero stop and higher elevation range for longer distance shooting.

When compared to similar scopes like Leica PRS 5-30X56 or Leupold Mark 5 HD 5-25×56 in terms of quality and features offered for their price tag of 2,700 Euros, Integrix should adjust its pricing accordingly to compete with these established brands.

Overall though, if you’re looking for a scope that has great optical quality and performance at maximum range while being easy to use without sacrificing safety – then the Integrix iX6 4.5-27×56 riflescope is worth considering.

Interested in Integrix iX6?

Integrix iX6 4.5-27x56

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