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INFORCE Wild Integrated Flashlights Series

INFORCE Lighting Systems

During this year’s IWA, we had the chance to visit Sightmark’s booth and check out the INFORCE lighting systems. As a brand under the broader family of Sellmark Corporation, Sightmark now includes INFORCE in its lineup. The INFORCE company has masterfully transitioned from producing standalone flashlights to creating diverse lighting systems that can be mounted onto a variety of equipment, including pistols, rifles, and helmets. Offering a clever solution for a broad spectrum of outdoor scenarios, these systems are assembled in the USA, using domestic and foreign components.

INFORCE Wild Flashligt
INFORCE Wild Flashlight, Source: Gunmag Warehouse

Wild 1 and Wild 2 Tactical Flashlights

We had the chance to examine two of INFORCE’s tactical flashlights for pistols, both boasting impressive lighting capacity. The range starts from a solid 500 lumens with the compact model known as WILD 1 and reaches up to 1000 lumens with the larger unit, the WILD 2. Both models come equipped with Picatinny attachments with a handle positioned on the left side of the mounting claws.

INFORCE Wild 1, Source: Atlantic Firearms

The operational battery life can vary between 1.5 to 2.5 hours, and the larger models can illuminate the surroundings up to a range of 30 meters, depending on usage. Notably, the smaller unit operates with a CR123 single battery, while the larger one requires two.

INFORCE Wild 1 Flashligt

The housing of the devices is made of 6061-T6 aluminum and has a hard adonized finish, making it resistant to tough outdoor conditions. INFORCE lights have a waterproof rating of up to approximately 20 meters.

INFORCE Wild 2, Source: The Firearm Blog

Additionally, the company also offers two variants designed for long-barrel weapons. The lights are provided in a variety of layouts, sizes, and colors, and customers have the option to purchase them with or without IR illumination.

INFORCE Wild 2 Flashligt

Final Thoughts

Our first encounter with INFORCE flashlights put a smile on our faces and we were also happy to hear about a fair price point of the devices. As per Sightmark’s claims, all products are available in the price range of 180 – 240 €, depending on the configuration. Given the devices’ high-quality build and versatile features, we are confident that they will resonate with consumers and carve out a substantial niche in the market.

INFORCE Wild Integrated Flashlights Series
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INFORCE Wild Integrated Flashlights Series
The INFORCE company has masterfully transitioned from producing standalone flashlights to creating diverse lighting systems.
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