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Holosun AEMS Red Dot Sight

Holosun AEMS introduction

The rumours about the Holosun AEMS have been ramping up for quite a while now, and with its release in October comes a host of great upgrades. Holosun is known to be one of the most innovative companies in the field of red dot sights. The company’s success can be attributed to its line of various models for multiple purposes.

Their optic products sport the most advanced features red dots can possess – from solar cells, different colour illumination, to off-the-charts durable housing. Recently, Holosun introduced a new Holosun advanced enclosed micro micro red dot sight called AEMS (Advanced Enclosed Micro Sight), whose launch is a big event for eager sports optics enthusiasts – including us.

Looking for Holosun AEMS?

Source: The Firearm Blog
Source: The Firearm Blog

Meet the New Holosun Red Dot Sight

Holosun already has quite a few enclosed red dots in its offer, but as you might have noticed, this is the first one in such a form factor. Namely it is bigger than the 509 optic sight, and smaller than the 512 one. Few things are guaranteed these days, but you can always count on the new AEMS optic to work well with your AR-15 rifle.

What is Holosun AEMS?

AEMS stands out from the pack with its extreme durability and futuristic design – a design we have not yet come across on any of its competitors. Most red dots from other manufacturers have a window in the shape of a circle to observe through, but Holosun decided to go against the grain and made the window in a square shape.

Not only is the new product able to withstand the recoil of the strongest calibers and extreme temperatures (up to -30°C), this red dot is also recoil-proof. The housing is made of high-quality aluminium alloy 7075 T6. As mentioned, the window is in a square shape and provides the user with a wide field of view. The glass is protected by two flip-up covers, which we can also remove.

Holosun AEMS
Holosun AEMS red dot sight

Solar Failsafe Technology

The upper parts of the body sight feature a solar cell, which enables the Solar Failsafe technology. What does this mean? Holosun’s Solar Failsafe Technology is an innovative feature pioneered by Holosun for the purpose of using red dot sights, which allows the sight to remain powered even when your battery fails, if exposed to direct sunglight. It features automatic brightness adjustment, which means that the dot dims down or brightens up when moving it from different lighting conditions.

Holosun AEMS mount

We have yet to find a reason to complain about the product. The device comes with an adapter – the included lower 1/3 co-witness mount is removable, providing adaptability across multiple firearms platforms. As for now, have not had a chance to see the footprint in person, but do not worry – we will update the article as soon as we get a hold of it.

Footprint database

Holosun AEMS red dot sight, source: Holosun

Long Live the Battery!

As for the battery, it can be removed on the side of the device through the battery tray. Never worry about urgently hunting for a new battery because your red dot sight is about to die, as this one is the CR2032 type, and it provides up to 50,000 hours of operation time.

Green or Red Illumination?

AEMS does not make you choose between two colours, as the illumination is available in two different versions – as mentioned – namely in red and green colour. The user can also switch between the circle dot, circle only, and dot only options.

If you tend to get distracted easily and leave the dot turned on, Holosun AEMS uses the shake-awake technology, which means that during periods of low motion, the device turns off automatically. Once moved, the device will immediately return to ‘active’ mode and recall the last brightness setting used.

Holosun AEMS
Holosun AEMS red dot sight


AEMS has two buttons located on the left side of the red dot sight and allow the user to switch between 12 levels of illumination, meaning the red dot is suitable to use in all lighting conditions.

Tactile and Crisp Clicks

When it comes to zeroing, the red dot sight has two adjustment screws. One click equals 0.5 MOA, which is about 0.7 cm at a 50 m distance. When the screws are turned, the clicks are tactile and crisp, which is exactly what we want – the crisper, the better.

Holosun AEMS red dot sight, source: Holosun, source: Holosun

Holosun AEMS vs. AEMS CORE

If 579 € (or 489 € with a discount) for the AEMS MOA red dot lightens your wallet too much, there is also the CORE model for around 360 €. The former has a solar cell, flip-up covers, and high-grade aluminium housing, while the latter does not. The AEMS is milled and the AEMS CORE is pressure forged, which means the manufacturing is a bit more complex with the standard version, hence the price difference. But the build design and price are not the only differences between the two.

Interested in Holosun AEMS Core model?

Holosun AEMS Core_cta

Holosun AEMS reticle:

With the CORE version, the dot can have green or red dot reticle illumination (but only 2 MOA dot, it does not have a multi-reticle option). The standard version is also available in red or green illumination MOA dot reticle and has the multi-reticle option.

Holosun AEMS
Holosun AEMS CORE red dot sight

In the Box

Accessories included:

  • lower 1/3 co-witness mount
  • clear flip-down lens covers accessories
  • CR2032 battery
  • multi-tool accessories
  • user manual
  • lens cloth

Warranty and Price

Holosun’s new red dot is quite impressive, and the company has focused on making it as durable as possible — but sometimes, accidents happen. That is why Holosun offers a 3-year warranty to repair the electronics, and a 5-year one to repair or replace the materials. The AEMS dot with the red illumination will set you back 579 €, and the AEMS dot with the green illumination 614 €.

A Red Dot Sight That Impresses

Once again, Holosun proves that it rightfully belongs amongst the most competitive companies in the field of red dot sights. AEMS impresses us with its shape, durability, and many other amazing functions. For those of you who cannot wait to try out Holosun’s next flagship red dot, it is set for launch in October.

Looking for Holosun AEMS?

Holosun AEMS
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Holosun AEMS
The rumours about the Holosun AEMS have been ramping up for months now, and with its release in October comes a host of great upgrades.
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