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GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In this blog post, we will explore the GPO Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32 hunting riflescope, delving into its technical specifications, benefits, and limitations. This scope was unveiled at the IWA fair in Nuremberg in 2020. Currently, the riflescope is only available in one configuration, offering 0.1 MIL adjustment per click, capped turrets and an illuminated G4 reticle.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

About the GPO

GPO, also known as German Precision Optics, was established in 2015, making it a relatively young company. However, it was founded by former executives from esteemed European optics manufacturing companies, endowing GPO with a wealth of experience right from its inception. Located in the southern region of Germany, near Munich, GPO has its headquarters strategically positioned.

GPO offers a wide range of sports optics, catering to different budgets and requirements. The selection includes affordable entry-level options as well as premium optics tailored for police and law enforcement professionals.

GPO Spectra 6X Series

The Spectra 6X series of riflescopes comprises both hunting and tactical variants, all featuring six times zoom factor magnification. However, they do differ in terms of their turrets. The hunting version is equipped with capped turrets, while the tactical rifle scopes come with tactical turrets. Additionally, the tactical riflescopes boast a first focal plane reticle, whereas the hunting rifle scopes are equipped with a second focal plane reticle.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Various models are available in the Spectra 6X series:

Watch GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 Review

Physical properties

The scope utilized for this review is the Spectra 6X, featuring a magnification range of 1.5 to 9 and a 32-millimeter objective lens. It is worth noting that these specifications are highly specific, rendering the scope ideal for activities such as stalking and mountain hunting. This is primarily due to its lightweight construction, which further enhances its suitability for these purposes in my opinion.

Due to its 1.5 times magnification, this scope can also be used for driven hunt. While not ideal for this purpose, it is still manageable, in my opinion.

This scope features a 30-millimeter main tube diameter. It is equipped with a fixed parallax set at 100 meters and capped turrets. The scope has an outer objective diameter of 39.3 millimeters, making it ideal for use with night vision or thermal clip-on devices.

European-style Eyepiece

When examining the built properties, we find that the scope boasts a European-style eyepiece. The adjustment mechanism offers a smooth yet firm feel, which, in my opinion, is perfect for ensuring that accidental movement is avoided during hunting expeditions. Additionally, the eyepiece stands out as the only part of the entire scope that is rubberized. The remaining parts of the scope are crafted entirely from metal.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32 feature European-style Eyepiece
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 features European-style Eyepiece

Magnification Ring

The magnification ring boasts a pleasant texture, providing a firm and secure grip. Notably, it is equipped with a throw lever, enhancing both grip and the ease of magnification adjustment. This feature ensures swift and efficient changes to the magnification level whenever necessary.

Throw lever on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
Throw lever on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32


Overall, the entirety of the scope is crafted from metal. As previously mentioned, the ocular has a rubberized section, but aside from that, there are no plastic components. Even the caps on the turrets are constructed from aluminum.

The scope is designed to withstand the recoil of popular hunting calibers, including Magnum calibers. It is nitrogen-filled to prevent internal fogging, even in extremely cold environments. The scope measures 340 millimeters in length with the ocular in the inside position, and 350 millimeters when unscrewed.

Its weight is 550 grams, slightly higher than the specified weight of under 500 grams stated by GPO on their website. Upon measurement, the weight was found to be almost exactly 550 grams, a minor discrepancy of 50 grams. While not significantly off, it is worth noting.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32


The reticle in the Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32 riflescope is located in the second focal plane, ensuring its consistency throughout the entire range of magnification. Currently, there is only one available reticle option, which is the G4i. It is widely used in Europe for hunting purposes.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32 features G4i reticle
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 features G4i reticle

Illumination System

In my opinion, the reticle boasts a great illumination system. Utilizing optical fiber technology, it provides exceptional brightness and allows for precise adjustment of intensity. This brightness makes it suitable for use even on the sunniest of days, ensuring clarity when viewing white targets.

The illumination feature automatically turns off after three hours to conserve battery life. When you make your final adjustments within that time frame, the scope shuts off the illumination.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 Reticle G4i

The left side turret controls the illumination. Overall, there are eight intensity settings, with no intermediate off positions. This step-less design allows for precise adjustment, with the illumination growing stronger as you move towards level eight. The adjustments, even when small, are easily noticeable but not overly drastic. In my opinion, the illumination is perfectly designed.

The illumination battery is situated beneath the cap on the left side turret. For operation, a single CR 2032 battery is required.

Battery compartment on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
Battery compartment on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Capped Turrets

When we look at the turrets, we notice that they are adorned with aluminum caps, providing a premium tactile experience. The absence of plastic caps enhances the overall quality and feel of the scope. Beneath these caps are great turrets that enable precise reticle adjustment.

The turrets rotate in a clockwise direction, similar to most European scopes. The clicks are not only pleasant to the ear but also provide satisfying tactile feedback, allowing you to perceive each individual click. In my perspective, these clicks are perfectly suited for a hunting scope.

Both the elevation and windage turrets are of the multi-turn variety and do not include a zero-stop or turn indicator. However, for a hunting riflescope, this configuration is perfectly acceptable.

Capped turrets on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
Capped turrets on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Elevation Turret

Both the elevation and windage turrets are calibrated in milliradians. Each click of the elevation turret corresponds to an exact one-centimeter adjustment at 100 meters, while one complete revolution covers a distance of 6 MIL or 60 centimeters at the same distance.

The scope’s internal elevation is specified as 40 MIL, but upon testing the turrets, I discovered that the actual internal elevation exceeds 50 MIL. Such a significant amount of elevation is typically unnecessary, even when engaging targets at extremely long distances.

Resetting the Elevation Turret to Zero

Resetting the elevation turret to zero is a straightforward process that can be done on the shooting range without the need for any special tools. Simply hold the lower side of the turret, unscrew the upper part, adjust it to zero facing forward, and securely tighten it back on. It’s a convenient way to make adjustments without the hassle of carrying extra equipment.

Elevation turret on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
Elevation turret on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

The windage turret

The windage turret offers six milliradians of adjustment in a single revolution, similar to the elevation turret. However, it distinguishes itself by having markings in both directions, enabling left or right corrections of up to three MILs in each direction.

Resetting the Windage Turret to Zero

Resetting the windage turret to zero is accomplished in the same manner as adjusting the elevation turret. Start by unscrewing the upper part of the turret, then rotate it until the zero is facing forward.

Windage turret on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
Windage turret on GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Optical Properties

The magnification ranges from 1.5x to 9x, allowing for precise adjustments with a simple 180-degree turn. With a lens diameter of 32 millimeters, this scope is optimized for daytime use rather than low-light conditions. As a result, it is an excellent choice for stalking or mountain hunting.

The parallax is fixed at 100 meters. The tunneling effect is non-existent, and the scope boasts an impressive light transmission rate of 90%.

Field of View

The scope offers a six-times zoom factor. At 1.5 times magnification, it boasts a wide field of view, spanning 28 meters at a distance of 100 meters. Even at its maximum magnification of nine times, it still maintains a respectable 4.6 meters at 100 meters.

Eye Relief and Eye Box

The eye relief of this scope measures 97 millimeters, which is a substantial distance. This generous eye relief makes it highly suitable for use with strong recoiling rifles, ensuring your safety while aiming. It allows for flexibility in positioning, whether you move closer or farther away from the scope while maintaining a crystal-clear image.

Now, let’s discuss the eye box and the extent to which you can move behind the scope while maintaining a clear picture. I must admit, at 1.5 times magnification, it’s remarkably forgiving. You have quite a bit of flexibility in your movements. However, at nine times magnification, it’s noticeably more restricted, yet still satisfactory in my opinion.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Image Quality

The image quality itself is commendable, especially considering its price of 749 euros. The central part of the image exhibits excellent clarity and resolution. However, there is a slight drop in sharpness towards the edges. While the edge quality is still decent, there is a noticeable difference. The blurriness is confined to the outer edges and does not extend far into the center of the image.

Mounting Solution

The scope has a 30-millimeter main tube, but unfortunately, the Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32 does not come with a mounting rail option. Therefore, to mount the scope onto the rifle, you will need 30-millimeter scope mount rings.

Looking for scope mount rings?

GPO Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32 Price and Warranty

This riflescope is priced at 749 euros, making it a remarkably affordable option.

The origin of the GPO scope is not explicitly stated in the specifications. However, it is likely manufactured in Asia, as is the case with many companies, including some reputable European ones. Nevertheless, the existing information only confirms that these scopes are designed in Germany.

The riflescope warranty is 10 years, while the electronics and illumination are covered for two years.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Scope of Delivery

The riflescope package includes several items. Firstly, you will find bikini-style lens covers to protect the lenses. Additionally, a warranty card is included for your convenience. The package also contains detailed specifications and instructions on how to use the scope effectively.

Furthermore, a cleaning cloth is provided to keep the scope in optimal condition. Technical information about the scope is also included, covering dimensions and reticles. These details apply to other Spectra riflescopes as well.

Lastly, the box includes a Torx wrench for mounting or disassembling the throw lever, if desired.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


Let’s start with a summary. Firstly, let’s highlight the positives. One aspect I particularly appreciate about the scope is its optical properties. Although the clarity of the image diminishes slightly towards the edges compared to the center, the overall image quality remains commendable.

Considering the price and build quality, everything on the scope is well-made. It comes with metal caps and no rubber or plastic parts. With a weight of 550 grams, it is suitable for lightweight hunting rifles.

The hunting turrets are exceptional, with easy zero reset and outstanding illumination. The fiber optic provides brilliant brightness, and all this comes at a reasonable price of 749 Euros.

Pros Summary:

  1. great optical quality
  2. great build quality
  3. good illumination system
  4. price
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32 with bikini covers
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32 with bikini covers


To identify areas for improvement, let’s start with the optical characteristics, particularly the edge sharpness. While not a major concern, ensuring a consistently clear image would elevate the overall quality.

Moreover, the scope’s length of 335 millimeters for this level of magnification seems excessive. A shorter scope would greatly enhance usability, whether with a thermal clip-on or night vision device.

Apart from these points, I don’t have any additional comments to add.

Cons Summary:

  1. edge sharpness
  2. length
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32

Final Thoughts

Overall, the GPO Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32 is a notable contender in the riflescope market, standing out for its exceptional quality and design. This riflescope is particularly designed for stalking and mountain hunting and is suitable for use with strong recoiling hunting rifles.

At a reasonable price of 749 euros and with a 10-year warranty, it offers great value for money, especially given its optical properties and robust build quality.

Despite its slightly longer length and less-than-optimal edge sharpness, this product stands out from the competition with its impressive magnification range and objective diameter. It is important to note that this scope is compatible with thermal clip-ons.

The competition is practically non-existent for GPO Spectra 6X 1.5-9×32. Unlike most other riflescope manufacturers that offer larger objective lenses, this design prioritizes weight reduction without compromising performance.

GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9×32
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GPO SPECTRA 6x 1.5-9x32
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