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GPO Spectra 5X 3-15x56i Review | Optics Trade Reviews

In the forthcoming article, I will give a comprehensive overview of all the characteristics and benefits that make GPO Spectra 5X 3-15x56i riflescope competitive in today’s market. By delving deep into its features, you’ll get an up-close glimpse at why this scope stands out from other riflescopes in its price range.

There is only one configuration of the scope available at the moment. The scope comes with 0.1 MIL adjustment per click and a G4i reticle, which makes it an ideal choice for hunting.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

Interested in GPO SPECTRA?

About the GPO company

Although GPO or German Precision Optics is a relatively young company, its founders possess decades of expertise in the optics industry. The company was established in 2015 by executives from some of Europe’s most distinguished optical manufacturers.

Located near Munich in the southern region of Germany, GPO houses a vast selection of sports optics ranging from economical entry-level options to elite products intended for police and law enforcement personnel.


Introduction to the GPO Spectra 5X 3-15x56i rifle scope

Spectra 5X 3-15x56i is a hunting riflescope with magnification ranging from 3x to 15x, and an objective lens of 56 millimeters. Designed with hunters in mind, the “i” designation stands for an illuminated reticle, making it ideal for use while hunting even during low-light conditions.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

The scope was introduced in 2020 and features a five-times magnification zoom factor. It is completely made of metal, with only a small rubberized part on the ocular.

The rifle scope is designed with the needs of traditional European hunter in mind.

Where are GPO riflescopes made?

The GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 is designed by German Precision Optics, as the engravings on the scope clearly demonstrate. Despite this, there is no indication as to where exactly it was produced; GPO does not state its origin of manufacture.

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Physical properties

The GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 is designed to be able to endure the strongest calibers of hunting rifles and is purged with nitrogen, resulting in a fog-less interior even when utilized in a cold environment.

With individualized ocular adjustments, this scope’s length can range from 360 to 375 millimeters. Coming in at 830 grams, this low-light hunting riflescope is surprisingly lightweight for such a large objective lens. While the scope is not small, it is important to note that most scopes designed for low-light conditions are not, in fact, small.

If you want to mount a night vision or thermal clip-on device to the scope or measure the exact height of your scope mount, make note that the outer objective diameter measures 63.5 millimeters.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Outer objective diameter measures 63.5 millimeters


This riflescope’s reticle is positioned in the second focal plane and exclusively has one configuration – German 4 reticle (G4i). With its straightforward design, G4i is the go-to hunting reticle for European hunters; its popularity has made it one of Europe’s most commonly used and trusted options. This reticle stands apart from the rest with its small, illuminated dot in the center.

GPO G4i reticle
GPO G4i reticle

Fiber optic illumination

Spectra 5X riflescope features integrated fiber optic illumination. The small and fine-tunable central dot is designed for use in low-light conditions. On the maximum brightness setting, the illumination is so strong that you can spot it easily even in bright daylight or on a white target.

You can smoothly adjust the illumination level using a side turret, with no clicks between settings. As you turn the turret, it gradually increases in strength to its maximum at the eighth level. This expertly engineered feature allows for perfect control over your illumination needs.

The illumination turret is rigid, which I think works in its favor. This way, you can confidently adjust the brightness level without worrying about it changing unexpectedly.

The illumination system runs on a single CR2032 battery and the battery compartment is easily accessible.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Battery compartment on the SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

Automatic turn-off feature and power indicator

To maximize battery life, the rifle scope is equipped with an automatic turn-off function that switches off illumination three hours after your last adjustment.

The scope also has a power indicator, so when your battery begins to run low, the illumination will flash as an indication that the battery needs to be replaced.

Parallax adjustment

The parallax adjustment is located on the left-side turret and ranges from 10 meters to infinity. The parallax can be finely tuned with ease, as the adjustment feels very smooth. The grip on the turret is very nice.

The parallax turret features a helpful numbering system in meters which can be used as a reference when estimating measurements. Although I haven’t tested their accuracy, they should provide a reliable starting point.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Parallax adjustment is located on the right side turret

Elevation turret

Both elevation and windage turrets are capped, which is a standard for hunting rifle scopes. The clicks on the elevation turret are 0.1 MIL or one centimeter per click at 100 meters. The elevation turret is of the multi-turn type, meaning you can make multiple revolutions in each direction. It provides 60 centimeters of elevation at 100 meters in one turn, which is equivalent to 6 MIL. The total elevation range is 25 MIL.

The clicks on the elevation turret are excellent. I believe they’re better than some pricier riflescopes. The design of the turret and the clicks themselves are spot on. Not only are they tactile and audible, but they’re also firm enough to allow you to make a single click with ease.

Elevation turret feature 0.1 MIL adjustment per click
Elevation turret features 0.1 MIL adjustment per click

Resetting the turrets to zero

Both elevation and windage turrets can be reset to zero.

To reset the turret, first, remove the upper part. Once you set your riflescope to zero, rotate the middle part of the turret that it is facing forward. Finally, screw the upper part back into place. No tools are needed for this simple process, and it ensures a perfect reset.

No zero-stop function

I think it would be useful if the elevation turret had a zero-stop function. This would prevent accidentally making an error of a whole revolution when using the scope for long-range hunting. However, despite the absence of this function, I still think that the turret is great, especially considering the price of €880.

I agree that even though this scope has the ability to shoot at longer ranges, it will not be frequently used for that purpose.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Turrets without caps
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Turrets with caps

Windage turret

The windage turret is quite similar to the elevation turret as it has 3 MILs of travel in both directions and a total windage range of 25 MILs. Also, it’s a multi-turn type, just like the elevation turret.

The windage turret’s clicks are clear and precise, making them easy to feel and hear. They require a bit of effort to turn, which means you don’t have to worry about accidentally adjusting them if you handle the scope roughly.

Resetting the turret to zero for the elevation and windage turret is the same. To reset the windage turret, remove the upper part of the turret, but be careful not to accidentally adjust the turret while unscrewing it.

Windage turret on the  SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
Windage turret on the SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

Optical performance

The GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 is a riflescope with a 3-15x magnification range and a 56-millimeter objective lens, making it ideal for low-light hunting. It is specifically designed for raised-hide hunting in low-light conditions and has a zoom factor of five times.

Field of view

The field of view at three times magnification is 11.1 meters at 100 meters, and on fifteen times magnification, it’s 2.3 meters at 100 meters. A wider field of view would be beneficial.

The scope does not feature any tunneling effect, which is perfect.

Eye relief and eye box

The scope has an eye relief of 95 millimeters, which allows it to be safely used with high-powered calibers. The eye relief is very forgiving and allows for a clear image whether you are close or far from the scope. In fact, I believe it is one of the most forgiving eye reliefs on any riflescope; to my surprise.

The scope’s eye box is forgiving at three times magnification, and while it becomes slightly less forgiving at fifteen times magnification, it remains easy to use even at the highest magnification.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

Image quality

The image has excellent quality and resolution, and it appears very sharp when magnified at 3.5 times or more. At 3 times magnification, I noticed that the edges appear slightly blurry. However, when you increase the magnification to 3.5 times or above, the blurriness disappears and the image becomes very sharp.

The scope’s color accuracy remains consistent throughout its magnification range, and although it has a slight chromatic aberration when viewing a white target, being a hunting riflescope, it is unlikely that you will notice it.

European-style eyepiece

The eyepiece is a European-style one and it has a slightly firm rotation. This is actually a good thing because this type of adjustment is not needed frequently. The eyepiece remains in place exactly as it should. The rotation is very fluid and simple to adjust. Small ridges on the surface of the eyepiece provide an easy grip.

European Style eyepiece
European Style eyepiece

Magnification ring

The magnification ring has a comfortable grip and an integrated throw lever that makes it easier to adjust and quicker to use. However, the screw on the throw lever extends on both sides of it, which can cause discomfort when adjusting the magnification.

Integrated Throw Lever
Integrated Throw Lever

Mounting solution

To mount the GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 riflescope to your rifle, you will need scope mount rings with a 30-millimeter diameter. Please note that the scope is currently unavailable for purchase with a mounting rail.

Looking for a scope mount?

GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 price and warranty

The Spectra 5X 3-15×56 riflescope costs around 880 euros and has a 10-year warranty included.

Scope of delivery

The scope includes see-through bikini covers, allowing you to quickly aim at something while hunting without having to remove the covers if such a hectic situation arises.

The riflescope package also includes a microfiber cleaning cloth, a technical sheet with information about the riflescope and reticle subtensions, a warranty card, and instruction manuals.

Scope of delivery
Scope of delivery


Regarding the GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 scope, I’d like to highlight the positive aspects before discussing areas with potential for improvement.

I think the turrets on this scope are great, and the overall build quality is really good. The riflescope has an elegant design and good optical quality, but there is a minor blurriness issue when using the smallest magnification.

The illumination is great because it has a step-less design, which means you can adjust the intensity to your preferred level instead of being limited to just predefined positions.

Resetting the turrets to zero can be easily done without any tools. This means you can do it every time you’re at the range without needing to bring additional tools with you.

Finally, I believe that the GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 is definitely worth the price of 880 euros as it offers numerous features, exceptional turrets, impressive illumination, and excellent optical properties for low-light hunting at a reasonable cost.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

Pros summary:

  1. turrets design
  2. optical quality
  3. build quality
  4. step-less illumination design
  5. resetting the turrets to zero is done without the tools
  6. price


Where do I see room for improvement? I believe that the blurriness around the edges at three times magnification could be improved. I also think that a FOV should be a little wider.

Additionally, I suggest improving the throw lever design. The current screw on the lever causes discomfort during use as it protrudes on the outside. Perhaps integrating the screw in a way that does not stick out would enhance the lever’s usability.

Throw lever
Throw lever

Cons summary:

  1. blurriness at 3x magnification
  2. throw lever design
  3. a little wider FOV

Comparison to other similar rifle scopes on the market

GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 VS Burris SIX Xe 3-18×56

Two of the very popular choices on the market today are the GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 and Burris SIX Xe 3-18×56. Both offer some excellent features, however, they do differ in some key areas.

The Burris SIX Xe is smaller in size than its competitor and offers a wider field of view. It also differs from the GPO by having BDC turrets instead of capped ones.

The GPO company is located in Europe, so customers can access local services if needed. In addition, the GPO Spectra 5X scope costs 100€ less than its counterpart and has nicer illumination settings as well.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 VS Delta Optical Titanium 2.5-15×56

The GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 has emerged as a strong contender when compared to the Delta Optical Titanium 2.5-15×56, which is approximately 30 euros cheaper. The lower magnification of Titanium allows for a slightly wider field of view compared to GPO. Additionally, Titanium is lighter in weight and has a six-times zoom factor. However, when it comes to turrets, GPO is my preferred choice.

The GPO riflescope has a click size of one centimeter at 100 meters, whereas the Delta riflescope has a click size of seven millimeters at 100 meters. Additionally, the GPO Spectra 5X riflescope has a well-made parallax adjustment and better illumination with a step-less design and fiber optic.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56

GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 VS Minox All-Rounder 3-15×56

The Minox All-Rounder 3-15×56 is another competitor to the GPO Spectra 5X riflescope. It can be purchased with a ZM/VM mounting rail, but this adds about 500 euros to the price. Even without the rail, the Minox is around 300 euros more expensive than the GPO scope.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56 with bikini lens covers
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56 with bikini lens covers

Final thoughts and recommendations for potential buyers

The GPO Spectra 5X 3-15×56 riflescope is a high-quality riflescope with great features at a reasonable cost. It has an elegant design, good optical quality, and excellent illumination capabilities for low-light hunting. The turrets are well-crafted and resetting them to zero is easily done without tools. Overall, I highly recommend this riflescope for hunters looking for a reliable scope at a reasonable price point and who do a lot of raised hide hunting at dusk or dawn.

GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15x56
GPO SPECTRA 5x 3-15×56
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