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GPO Rangeguide 8×32 LRF Binoculars

The New GPO Rangeguide 8×32

More and more companies are venturing into the LRF binoculars world to provide hunters with the opportunity of optimal hunting during the day without the burden of having to carry around excess weight. German Precision Optics is joining this trend by introducing the new Rangeguide 8×32 and 10×32 models.

GPO Rangeguide 8x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 8×32

The 8×32 Model

Up until now, such a configuration has been uncommon when it came to laser rangefinding binoculars, as most have had an objective lens diameter of 42 mm or 56 mm. However, this new model having an objective lens of 32 is not a bad thing that some might think. LRF binoculars are usually used during the day and are extremely popular with mountain hunting where light transmission is not as important as low weight, and a smaller objective lens equals lower weight.

At first glance, you can hardly notice that the model is LRF – what gives it away is only the buttons on the housing. The binoculars were presented in 2022 at Shot Show, and the same goes for Leica and their new Geovid models. That is why we predict that all manufacturers will go in this LRF direction sooner or later (we hope it happens sooner).

GPO Rangeguide LRF 8x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 8×32

Set Your Eyes on the New GPO

GPO Rangeguide 8×32 is what you would call a more elegant pair of binoculars with its quality black rubber (for a better grip) and magnesium frame, which also makes it more lightweight – 700 g. Small and lightweight are not the words you would normally associate with premium rangefinding binoculars, but you can with this Rangeguide, standing at only 13.7 cm. Its premium lenses maximize the brightness, sharpness, and resolution, and its high-transmission lens coatings help the user see targets more clearly.

GPO Rangeguide LRF 8x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 8×32

A Hunter’s Ticket to Success

The premium Rangeguide 8×32 lives up to its name, as it guides you to make an accurate shot, bringing its ranging capability of 2.7 km with it. The premium lenses maximize the brightness, sharpness, resolution. The LRF binos are equipped with a field of view of 123.4 m/1000 m and a 15 mm eye relief. The optics feature a class 1 laser that will range a tree at 999.4 m and deer at 700.4 m. Even though according to GPO, the class 1 laser is “eye-safe”, direct eye contact with the emitter should be avoided at all times.

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The binoculars are equipped with ‘scan mode’, which means that the user can hold the button down for the device to continuously update the distance to the observed object. The mode is especially useful when observing a moving target. This particular scan mode offers 3 readings, or 3 distance measurement updates per second. Rangeguide’s orange OLED display offers 9 adjustable brightness levels and operates with manual or automatic brightness functionality. The temperature can be measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius.

GPO Rangeguide LRF 8x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 8×32


Model name Rangeguide 8×32
Magnification 8x
Field of view (FOV), m 123.4
Objective lens diameter, mm 32
Eye relief, mm 18
Close focus, m 4.6
Height x width x length, cm 5.6 x 12.4 x 13.7
Battery type CR2
Display OLED – 9 brightness levels
Diopter adjustment range +4/-4

Included accessories

  • Neoprene strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Hard case
  • Battery

Warranty and Price

Even though these binoculars – priced at 979 € – are as compact and robust as they can be, accidents still happen. That is why GPO offers their exclusive “Spectacular Lifetime Warranty™”, which needs no further explaining, as the name tells it all. A round of applause for GPO, they deserve it, as the company did a good job with this optics. To sum it up, “a hunter can now carry an extremely compact rangefinder that is also an incredible binocular.”

GPO Rangeguide 8x32 LRF binoculars
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GPO Rangeguide 8x32 LRF binoculars
More and more companies are venturing into the LRF binoculars world to provide hunters with the opportunity of optimal hunting during the day.
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