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GPO Rangeguide 10×32 LRF Binoculars

New 10×32 Laser Rangefinding Binoculars

New trend alert: compact laser rangefinding binoculars with a 32 mm objective lens. GPO is hopping on the trend with their new LRF 8×32 and 10×32 models, introduced at the 2022 SHOT Show. Leica also took a step in this direction when they came out with their new Geovid models – and we think they will not be the only ones to do so. Let us see what this configuration brings.

GPO Rangeguide 10x32
GPO Rangeguide 10×32

Great for Mountain Hunting

Most LRF binoculars have a 42 mm or 56 mm objective lens, which plays a crucial role in the amount of light that enters the scope. However, since LRF binoculars are usually used for daytime situations where light transmission is not as important, a smaller objective lens diameter might be better. Why? Because a smaller objective lens means that the weight of the optics will also be decreased. And a more lightweight pair of binos for daytime mountain hunting, for example, is extremely beneficial.

GPO Rangeguide LRF 10x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 10×32

Build to Last

We were impressed by the way GPO managed to hide the laser rangefinding department into such a small housing. If you look at the binoculars from afar, you might not even recognize the binoculars also fall under the LRF category. If you look at them up close, you will notice it with the help of the buttons on the GPO’s magnesium housing.

GPO Rangeguide 10×32 is an elegant pair of binoculars dressed in quality black rubber that ensures a firm grip. The remarkably small size and lightweight for a premium rangefinding binocular are unusual in the world of optics, yet the new Rangeguide 10×32 binoculars are an oddity. Standing at just 3.7 cm tall, one might expect GPO Rangeuide 10×32 to be just another compact pair of binoculars, but it is much more than that.

GPO Rangeguide LRF 10x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 10×32

Features & Functionalities

What are the binoculars’ features? Accurate target range up to 2.8 km, a 93.3 m/1000 m field of view, accompanied by a 16 mm eye relief. An eye-safe Class 1 laser for a fast 0.25-second response time is also a great feature, as it can range a tree at 1000 m and a deer up to 700 m.

The LRF model is equipped with a function called ‘scan mode’, which is enabled by holding the measuring button – the distance is displayed continuously. It provides 3 readings per second. The orange OLED display’s brightness can be set to 9 levels, which allows for an optimal setting regardless of the lighting conditions.

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The temperature can be measured in Fahrenheit and Celsius, and the measuring of humidity and air pressure helps with shot placement on long-range shots. Rangeguide 10×32’s lenses have high-transmission lens coatings, which maximize the brightness, sharpness, and resolution of the image. This is also something not typical for rangefinding binoculars. The entire body is secured with an armor coating that makes it durable enough to use in any outdoor environment.

GPO Rangeguide LRF 10x32
GPO Rangeguide LRF 10×32

Technical Data Sheet

Model name Rangeguide 10×32
Magnification 10x
Field of view (FOV), m 93.3/1000
Objective lens diameter, mm 32
Eye relief, mm 16
Close focus, m 4.6
Height x width x length, cm 5.6 x 12.4 x 13.7
Battery type CR2
Display OLED – 9 brightness levels
Diopter adjustment range +4/-4

Included Accessories

  • Neoprene strap
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Hard case
  • Battery

Spectacular Lifetime Warranty

With the purchase of Rangeguide 10×32 (for 999 €), GPO offers you a lifetime warranty. These binoculars will “make the hip-side handheld rangefinder obsolete,” says Mike Jensen, GPO USA’s owner, and CEO. Is he correct? Not having to carry that much extra weight is certainly a plus, and this Rangeguide certainly left a good impression. Perhaps this ‘trend’ of companies making compact LRF binoculars truly is the beginning of something new, something better.

GPO Rangeguide 10x32 LRF Binoculars
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GPO Rangeguide 10x32 LRF Binoculars
GPO introduced compact laser rangefinding binoculars with a 32 mm objective lens (8x32 and 10x32) at the 2022 SHOT Show.
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