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Geco Red Dot Sights Instruction Manual



GECO® Open Red Dot Sight

Congratulations on choosing this GECO red dot sight. With the proper mounting and care, you should get many years of enjoyment from this product. Please take a moment to read this manual before using your red dot sight.

Technical Overview:

1. Objective lens
2. Battery cap (CR 1632)
3. On / Off Rotary Light Intensity
4. Switch, 6 steps
5. Elevation adjustment
6. Windage adjustment
7. Fastening screw
8. Auto Brightness Sensor

Geco Red Dot Sights Instruction Manual

Geco Red Dot Sights Instruction Manual


The GECO Open Red Dot Sight is suitable for rapid and accurate aiming of handguns. The simple magnification (1:1) allows the weapon to be aimed with both eyes open, thus enabling the person firing the weapon to retain a full field of vision.

TECHNICAL NOTE: Unlike a conventional riflescope with all lenses mounted perpendicular (at a 90 degree angle) to the axis of the tube, the objective lens in a red dot sight is positioned off axis and appears to be tilted when looking at the sight. This angle of the front lens allows the light generated by the battery powered LED light source inside the unit to be reflected back into the sight. The reflected light becomes the “dot” or aiming reference that the shooter sees when a red dot sight is switched on.

1 Unitis on auto brightness
2 Set level 1 High
3 Set level 2
4 Set level 3
5 Set level 4 – Low
6 Set level 5 – night time setting
7 Set level 6- night time setting
8 Off (Automatically after 120 Min. without changing the Levels)
Push for 3 seconds Unit switches off but remembers the brightness setting
Push for 1 second Unit switches on again at the setting it was in when you switched it off


WARNING: Ensure the weapon is unloaded and the safety selector is in the ”safe” position before attempting to install, remove or perform maintenance on the sight.


a. Remove Battery Cap by pulling it outside the housing.
b. Insert a battery (type CR 1632) with positive (+) end downwards.
c. Replace and hand tighten battery cap by pushing it inside the housing until snug. Using hand tools or over tightening could damage the equipment.
d. Verify that red dot is working by turning the Switch .
e. If the instrument is not to be used for a lengthy period, the battery should be removed to prevent damage caused by leakage from the battery.

4 Mounting

Due to multitude of different adapter plates, the GECO Open Red Dot Sight can be mounted to nearly all gun types without any problems. Your gunsmith will choose a convenient mounting (39x20mm, Screws: 2x M3 14mm) according to your requirement and to the gun type.

Independently of the used mounting type, the upper side of the adapter plate has 4 precision positioning pins (4x3mm).

WARNING! Do not overtighten!


The GECO® Open Red Dot Sight is delivered with the red dot in a central position. Normally this means that only small adjustments are necessary, providing that the weapon mounting base is properly aligned. The elevation adjustment screw is located on top of the sight and the windage adjustment screw is located on the right side. CAUTION: Do not continue to adjust windage and elevation mechanisms if you encounter resistance.

a. Push the On /Off switch multiple times, until the red dot has sufficient intensity to contrast against the target.

b. Unlock the fastening screw 6 with the delivered allen Key by turning the screw 1/4 of a rotation counter-clockwise. The windage and elevating screws should move smoothly when unlocked. Turn the adjustment screws for windage and elevation . Moving 1 line represent roughly 6 cm movement of point of impact at 50 meters or 12 cm at 100 meters.

c. After you have made your adjustment, and before shooting your weapon make sure you lock the adjustment screw 6 again. Confirm zeroing by firing at least three shots at a zeroing target. Check points of impact on the target to confirm accuracy and repeat above procedure if required.

d. After initial firing, ensure that the sight is secure.

e. Switch OFF by pushing the On/Off- button until the red dot turns off.


The red dot sight should be stored in a dry, dark and well-ventilated location. If the red dot is wet, it should be thoroughly dried before being put away. Turn off the reticle illumination for storage and, if circumstances require it, remove the batteries as well.


Repair and service work should be performed only by a qualified gunsmith.


a. Extreme heat (moist or dry): No special procedures required.

b. Extreme cold: Extreme cold might shorten battery life. It could also make the rotary switch a little harder to turn than at normal temperatures.

c. Salt air: No special procedures required.

d. Sea spray, water, mud and snow: Ensure that battery cap and the two adjustment screws are tightened before exposing the sight to sea spray, mud, snow. The GECO Open Red Dot Sight is spash-water proofed.

e. Clean lenses with lens paper/cloth and wipe the sight dry as soon as possible after exposure to water, sea spray, mud or snow.

f. Dust storms and sand storms: Clean lenses with lens paper / cloth and wipe the sight clear as soon as possible after exposure to dust or sand.

g. CAUTION: The lenses shall never be cleaned with fingers only with lens paper/ cloth.


Problem: Red Dot Does Not Appear. Possible Causes/Solutions:

a. Discharged battery: Replace battery.

b. Battery installed incorrectly: Remove and reinstall battery with (+) to the top (upwards)

c. Battery is not making good contact: Clean contacts surfaces and reinstall battery.

d. Defective on/off Switch: Notify your dealer.

Problem: Impossible To Zero. Possible Causes/Solutions:

a. Adjustment screw is at its limit: Check alignment of mount to barrel and correct it. If you need help, please notify your dealer.

b. Impact point is moving: Check mount and weapon rail (or carry handle) stability.


Battery disposal

Do not dispose of batteries with household waste. Please use any existing return system in your local area when returning used batteries. Please only hand in discharged batteries. Batteries are generally discharged when the equipment operated with them:

  • switches off or indicates “battery empty”
  • the battery no longer functions correctly after an extended period in use.

To prevent short circuits, cover the battery contacts with an adhesive strip.

United Kingdom: As a consumer, you have a legal obligation to return used batteries. You can hand in your batteries for free to wherever the batteries were purchased or to the public collection points in your city or community.

You will find these symbols on batteries that contain harmful substances:

Pb = Battery contains lead
Cd = Battery contains cadmium
Hg = Battery contains mercury
Li = Battery contains lithium


Use only battery types recommended by the manufacturer. Handle used batteries in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Under no circumstances should batteries be thrown into a fire, heated up, recharged, taken apart or broken open.

Batteries must not be disposed of with household waste. You are legally obliged to return used batteries to guarantee they are disposed of properly. You can return used batteries at a municipal collection point or in your local store. As a distributor of batteries, we are also obliged to accept used batteries, whereby our obligation to accept old batteries is restricted to the types we currently provide or have provided as new batteries in our range. Old batteries that correspond to this description can either be returned to us with sufficient prepaid postage or brought directly to our dispatch warehouse at the following address free of charge:

RUAG Ammotec GmbH
Kronacher Straße 63
90765 Fürth

To prevent batteries from leaking, please remove them from your rifle scope if you will not be using it for a long time.”

This product’s packaging material is recyclable and can be reused. This product and the accessories included with it, except for batteries, comply with the WEEE directive. When disposing of any materials, please refer to your local recycling regulations. When disposing of the device, the relevant environmental protection regulations must be followed carefully. For more information on disposal, waste separation and recycling, please contact your local disposal facility.

The lighting unit complies with directive no. 89/336/EEC for electromagnetic compatibility.

User information for the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (private households)

This symbol on products and/or accompanying documents indicates that used electrical and electronic products are not to be mixed with ordinary household waste. Take these products to the appropriate collection point for proper handling, recovery and recycling, where they will be taken back for free. In some states, it may also be possible to hand in these products to your local dealer when purchasing a corresponding new product. The proper disposal of this product serves to protect the environment and prevents possible harmful effects on human beings and their surroundings, which may arise as a result of incorrect handling of waste. More detailed information on your nearest collection point is available from your local authority. According to state law, fines may be issued for the incorrect disposal of this type of waste.

For business customers within the European Union

To dispose of electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier, who will be able to provide you with more information.

Information on disposal in other countries outside of the Europea Union

This symbol is applicable only in the European Union. Please contact your local authority or your dealer if you wish to dispose of this product and enquire about how to dispose of it.



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