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Elevation per Turn | Optics Trade Debates

Welcome to Optics Trade debates. In each episode, we talk about a different topic and try to answer the most common questions we receive about it. Today, we are going to talk about elevation per turn.

Elevation per turn is a feature which we specify for each scope that we sell. It tells you how much the reticle moves (elevates) in one turn of the turret. This feature is most important for single turn turrets and a bit less for multi-turn turrets.

It basically tells you how many clicks are in a turn, and if you know the click value, you know how much the reticle moves when the turret moves one full turn.

The elevation per turn isn’t that important on the majority of scopes. But it’s important for, let’s say, BDC turrets on modern long range hunting scopes because you know if you are limited in elevation adjustment.

For example, the Swarovski BTF turret has 70 clicks, that means that you can shoot all the way up to 600-700m. Leica‘s single turn turret has 90 clicks, so you have an additional 150 m of range because you can adjust the reticle to the bullet drop.

Elevation per turn is a bit less important for tactical scopes because of the double turn turrets, so it only gives you the elevation in each turn. If the numbers are round, it is still quite convenient. With Vortex, one revolution equals 10 MRAD, which is exactly 100 clicks. But manufacturers like Kahles and Schmidt&Bender have 14 MRAD which is not a rounded number. But calculating is not crucial because you have a turn indicator and know in which turn you’re in and you can just read the numbers from the dial.

It’s also not that important for target scopes because it’s really easy to calculate in the same way as the tactical scopes.

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Elevation Per Turn is when you turn a rifle scope turret for 360 degrees to the same spot where you started. For example, when you see in specifications – elevation per turn is 10 MRAD or 100 cm / 100 m, this means when you make 1 turn with turret, the point of impact on the target will be moved for 100cm on 100m range.

Explanation of the term on our website:

If elevation per turn is 24 MOA, this means that 1 turn the point of impact will be moved for 24 x 2.9 cm / 100 meters.

This information is most important for sport and tactical rifle scope where you often change the elevation. It’s much easier to use when the values for a turn are rounded (for example 20 MOA), but on tactical riflescopes this mostly isn’t possible, because of big elevations, so the turrets had to be Multi-Turn (MT), what would, even more, complicate the use.

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