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Delta Stryker HD gen II – Zero Stop and Locking Function

Introduction of Delta Stryker series

Delta Optical is a Polish optics manufacturing company. They have some incredibly great-value products in their offer. Titanium HD and Stryker HD are extremely successful series of riflescopes in Europe. Stryker HD hasn’t been on market for that long, but it has been praised for its optical quality ever since its launch. The users have wished for a Zero Stop and a locking function on the elevation turret for quite some time. Delta Optical listened to the public and showed us the upgraded versions at IWA 2019.

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Delta Optical Stryker HD 4.5-30x56 FFP_cta

Delta Stryker HD new turrets
Delta Optical Stryker HD new turrets

New turrets on Stryker HD

The first generation of Stryker – HD rifle scopes was excellent for the money, but it lacked useful features such as Zero Stop and locking function on the elevation turret. The Stryker – HD series has already been popular up to now, and now that these additional features have been added, we believe that Stryker – HD gen II. is going to attract the attention of even more shooters.

So, how does the locking function work?

To unlock the turret, you must pull it out until you hear a ‘click’. When you want to lock it, simply press it back in. We have seen the locking mechanism of this kind on many other rifle scopes before and it has proven to be one of the most simple and popular on the market.

Delta Stryker HD new turrets
Delta Optical Stryker – HD new turrets

Delta Optical has come up with an interesting Zero Stop mechanism. To set it, simply unscrew and remove the uppermost part of the turret with your hand. Then, remove its ring/body. With the help of a hexagonal tool, set the Zero Stop. Put the ring/body back in place by aligning the dot with ‘0’ on the ring. Finally, install the uppermost part of the turret by screwing it back in place. Intuitive, effective, and works like a charm.

Delta Stryker HD new turrets
Delta Optical Stryker – HD new turrets
Delta Stryker HD new turrets
Delta Optical Stryker – HD new turrets

Delta Optical will be offering these two features on both models, 4.5–30×50 mm FFP HD  and 5–50×56 mm SFP HD tactical rifle scopes. They still haven’t decided on how this addition is going to influence the price, but we are expecting the new Stryker – HD to be 50–100 € more expensive than the previous versions without Zero Stop and the locking function.

Interested in SFP Stryker model?

Delta Optical Stryker HD 5-50x56 SFP_cta

Delta Optical brought about another change to the HD SFP model. They used to offer two versions as regards the click value of the turrets: 1/8 MOA and 1 cm / 100 m. The latter has been changed to 0.5 cm / 100 m which is something that the market was rooting for. A 0.5 cm click is great for precision shooting, and most European shooters find it much easier to calculate in Mil rather than MOA. This is just another indicator that Delta Optical cares for its customers and listens to their requests.

Delta Stryker HD new turrets
Delta Stryker HD new turrets

Both rifle scopes still lack a mechanical turn indicator on the elevation turret, but it would be absurd to expect one at this price point.

Conclusion on Delta Optical Stryker

The two new functions bring the Deta Optical Stryker – HD series to another level. Having 0.5 cm clicks on the Delta Optical stryker SFP model is also something that European precision shooters longed for. The upgraded versions are already available for purchase.

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Delta Optical Stryker HD 1-6x24 SFP_cta

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