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Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44

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Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44 Details

The HS-T in the name stands for Hunting Shooting Tactical. And it's just that, a multipurpose scope, useful for many shooting applications. Very similar to the original HS series, but with a few changes for a more versatile application. The rather large, 44mm lens, combined with a fast focus eyepiece gives a forgiving eye-box that helps the shooter to focus on the target fast. Another feature that will help with this is the fact that the turrets are not capped, so adjustments can be made in no time. The reticles come in two variants and are set at SFP with a rather fine cross-hairs, not to cover the target at longer ranges, shooting at which will not be a problem at all with the maximum, 16x magnification. A sharp and clear image, good choice of reticles and fast dialing turrets make this a good choice for tactical long range shooting, hunting or sport shooting.


Advanced Features

The tube is machined out of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, sealed with o-rings and hard anodized. This will make it durable at any conditions, and will protect it from damp, sunlight, strikes and scratches. The scope is also water-tight and shock proof. The XD, low light dispersion lenses will provide a clear image and are coated with ArmotTek coating to prevent stains, scratches and to repel water, dust, oil and fingerprints. The scope is also Argon purged to prevent internal fogging.


Reticle Illumination

The Viper HS-T series of scopes does not come with reticle illumination. The large lenses will make up for that to some point, but due to the thin reticle crosses, these are less useful at night or dim light. Nonetheless, this will make them easier to use at long ranges.


Configuration Options

The tactical turrets are uncapped for fast dailing. They come with hi-vis fiber optic indicators for both magnification and on the turrets for a fast reference of settings. The scope also includes a side dial for parallax setting.

The reticle chosen for this scope reflects what it was made for – fast, accurate shot placement at any range. The VMR-1 reticle is made with well visible, easy to use sutensions made for fast elevation and windage corrections. It comes in either MOA or MRAD option, with a click value of ¼ MOA or .1 MRAD. The maximum adjustment is rather large, thanks to the singe piece tube and advanced lens system, at a travel of 75 MOA or 21 MRAD.


Warranty Information

All Vortex scopes come with a VIP warranty, which means that if anything goes wrong the Company will cover your scope. Your scope will be either repaired or replaced if it becomes defective, without any costs for you. You can also read more about our warranty policy here


Mounting Options

The Vortex Viper HS-T in 4-16x44 has a 30mm central tube and need appropriate rings for mounting.

Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44 Specifications

Riflescopes seriesVortex Viper HS-T
Variable magnification Yes
Minimal magnification4x
Minimal magnification.4.4539x
Maximal magnification16x
Maximal magnification.16
Lens diameter. 44mm
Min. exit pupil diameter2.8 mm
Max. exit pupil diameter 11.0 mm
Min. eye relief102 mm
Min. eye relief.102mm
Max. eye relief (mm)102 mm
Minimal field of view2.5 m / 100 m
Maximum field of view 9.1 m / 100 m
Twilight Factor
Light transmission
Reticle position 2. focal plane - SFP
Reticle illumination No
Illumination color -
Daytime-usable illumination -
Auto Turn-Off -
Windage No
Elevation 21 MRAD (210 cm)
Elevation Per Turn 5 MRAD
Adjustment per click 10mm/100m - 0.10MIL
Turret rotation directionCCW
Turret Type Tactical
Nr. Turret Turns MT - Multi Turn
Parallax setting
Parallax adjustment Yes - side focus
Parallax adj. range 46 m - inf.
Diopter range
Fast focus eyepiece Yes
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Built-in rangefinderNo
Temperature range
Filled with Argon
Tube diameter 30 mm
Objective diameter 51.6 mm
Eyepiece diameter 41.4 mm
Mount length 142 mm
Mount rail No
Weight590 g
In production since2014
Warranty30 years
Made inPhilippines
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Reviews & Testimonials

Reviews for Vortex Viper HS-T 4-16x44

1 reviews
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Perfect for varminting and target shooting By
Have set up the scope on a Tikka T3 222 rem and a T3 300 win mag. Once zeroed in the scope tracked very well. Clicks are easily felt and dialing compensations for different ranges is fast. Optical clarity is well above what is expected for this price range. The reticle is clear and simple in mRad.
No issues after 150 rounds of 222 rem and 60 rounds of 300 win mag.
Would buy one again without hesitation.

(Posted on 22/12/2017)

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