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Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52

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Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 Details

The ultimate long range shooting scope, the Golden Eagle HD is primarily made for competitive sport shooting, and this comes with a few specific attributes. It has a very fine reticle, set at the SFP, with the windage and BDC compensation lines true at 40x magnification. The turrets are fine tune, tactical for easy access, with repetitive tracking, and with clicks of only 1/8 MOA. This allows for some really minor adjustments. The large lens and huge, 60x magnification will, in combination with other, sport shooting orientated features, allow a skilled shooter to hit the same mark over and over again.

Even with the larger size and great power, it is still light and in compliance with rules of most competitions. For that purpose it also comes with two very distinct types of reticle, the fairly simple SCR-1 crosshair reticle for a plain, traditional sight, or the more built up ECR-1 reticle for distance calculation and shot placement corrections. Both are set in MOA with 1/8 MOA clicks. Made for the competitive shooters, which is shown in the fact that they cover a minute portion of the target even at great magnification, with the center dot of the ECR-1 covering only 0,095 MOA at 40x, and the SCR-1’s crosshairs only covering 0,016 MOA at 40x magnification.


Advanced Features

The Golden Eagle tube is machined out of a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum, sealed with O-rings and hard anodized. This will make it durable at any conditions, and will protect it from damp, sunlight, strikes and scratches. The scope is also water-tight and shock proof for the largest of calibers, and purged with nitrogen to prevent any internal fogging.

The lenses are really a specialty hear. The APO system for color correction, HD lenses multi coated with XR Plus coating will ensure a crisp and sharp image at all magnifications.


Reticle Illumination

The Vortex Golden Eagle scope does not come with reticle illumination. The large lenses will make up for that to some point, but as it is a competition scope, it’s not made to be used in dim light.


Configuration Options

The turrets are tactical, open topped for easy access and quick adjustments. The graduation adjustment is extra fine, as they are made with competition shooters in mind. The click value is set at only 0,125 MOA per click for that fine tuning. It also comes with an ASR system for a better down range focus.

The scope can come in two reticle variants, either with the simple SCR-1 or the advanced ECR-1, depending of what shooters prefer. The maximum travel with each is 45 MOA for windage and 55 MOA for elevation.


Warranty Information

All Vortex scopes come with a VIP warranty, which means that if anything goes wrong the Company will cover your scope. Your scope will be either repaired or replaced if it becomes defective, without any costs for you. You can also read more about our warranty policy here


Mounting Options

The Vortex Golden Eagle has a 30mm central tube and need appropriate rings for mounting.

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Vortex Golden Eagle HD 15-60x52 Specifications

Riflescopes seriesVortex Golden Eagle
Variable magnificationYes
Minimal magnification15x
Maximal magnification60x
Lens diameter52 mm
Min. exit pupil diameter0.8 mm
Max. exit pupil diameter3.5 mm
Min. eye relief99 mm
Max. eye relief (mm)99 mm
Minimal field of view0.5 m/100 m
Maximum field of view1.9 m/100 m
Twilight Factor-
Light transmission-
Reticle position2. focal plane - SFP
Reticle illuminationNo
Illumination color-
Adjustment per click3.5mm/100m - 1/8MOA
Elevation55 MOA
Windage45 MOA
Turret TypeTactical
Elevation Per Turn10 MOA
Nr. Turret TurnsMT - Multi Turn
Turret rotation directionCCW
Day time usable illumination-
Parallax setting-
Parallax adjustmentYes - side focus
Parallax adj. range13 m - inf.
Diopter range-
Fast focus eyepieceYes
Lens coatingFully Multicoated
Built-in rangefinderNo
Temperature range-
Filled withNitrogen
Length409 mm
Tube diameter30 mm
Objective diameter61 mm
Eyepiece diameter44 mm
Mount length190.5 mm
Mount rail30 mm
Weight842 g
In production since2016
Warranty10 years
Made in-
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