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Torrey Pines Logic T12-M

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Torrey Pines Logic T12-M Details

Torrey Pines Logic T12-M
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Torrey Pines Logic T12-M Specifications

ManufacturerTorrey Pines Logic
Thermal Monocular SeriesTorrey Pines Logic T12
Variable magnificationNo
Lens diameterNo
Lens apertureNo
Field of viewNo
Field of view (deg.)No
Apperent field of view (deg.)50 °
Close focusNo
Diopter rangeNo
Sensor resolution80x60
Refresh RateNo
Pixel sizeNo
Spectral SensitivityNo
Temperature sensitivityNo
Calibration modeNo
Range of detection30 m
Display typeNo
Screen ResolutionNo
Image CaptureNo
Image ResolutionNo
Video recordingNo
Video resolutionNo
Video outputNo
Power SupplyCR123
Battery life8+ h
Filled withNo
Relative humidityNo
Temperature rangeNo
Length50 mm
Width45 mm
Height39 mm
Weight50 g
In production sinceNo
Warranty2 years
Made inUSA
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