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Steiner Commander 7x50 with Compass

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Steiner Commander 7x50 with Compass Details

Made to military-grade standards, these 7x50 Steiner Commander binoculars are designed with the marine professional in mind and are used by the some of the best ship captains, fishing guides, racing sailors, patrol officers as well as search and rescue teams all over the world who rely on high performance optics that won’t let them down no matter the situation.

Some of the many features that are important to a watery environment include a tough fully sealed Makrolon chassis that is pressure filled with dry nitrogen gas to eliminate fogging of all internal lens surfaces.

Made from extremely durable NBR Long Life rubber, the armouring provides extra protection as well as a high grip surface when wet and is resistant to hardening and cracking caused by salty water that affects many other binoculars.

This in combination with the aquaphobic Nano-Protection coatings on the exterior lens surfaces means water droplets just roll off the lens surface ensure that you are able to maintain a clear view in mist, sea spray or even rain.

Performance in low light and fog is also ensured by the combination of large 50mm lenses that can collect more light than smaller lenses, a moderate 7x magnification that delivers a large exit pupil and fully multi-coated HD optics that prevents unwanted light reflections as well as making certain that as much light passes through the optical pathway as possible to get to your eyes.

Fully integrated into the binocular this version of the Commander has an illuminated compass and rangefinding reticle. Waterproof, it provides accurate heads-up directional readings and enables you to calculate distances based on the known size of viewable objects.

The Steiner Sports-Auto Focus system on these binoculars saves time and makes this relatively large instrument easier to use, even with just one hand. This is because once you have adjusted them to your eyesight, no further focus adjustments are necessary as everything from 20 yards to infinity will still be in focus. On top of this is a handy mechanism that stores and indicates your personal diopter setting allowing you to more easily share your optics with other users and then return them back to your individual settings without the need to recalibrate.

These Commander binoculars also come with a highly visible as well as comfortable floating neck strap that allows for the easiest recovery should the accidentally fall overboard. The strap also uses Steiner’s excellent ClicLoc attachment system so that you can instantly release or replace the strap with just the press of a button.

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Steiner Commander 7x50 with Compass Specifications

Binoculars seriesSteiner Commander
Made inGermany
In production since
Warranty30 years
Variable magnification No
Magnification. 7x
Lens diameter. 50mm
Exit pupil. 7.1mm
Eye relief. 0mm
Field of view. 145m / 1000m
Field of view (deg.).9.3242
Apparent field of view (deg.).0
Close focus. 0m
Twilight Factor 18.71
Relative Brightness 50.4
Light transmission
Diopter range
Prism type Porro
Lens coating Fully Multicoated
Focusing system Separated for each eye
Diopter setting positionNo
Filled with Nitrogen
Temperature range- 40 / + 80°C
Waterproof Yes
Fogproof Yes
Floatable No
Built-in rangefinderNo
Compass Yes
Image stabilizer No
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