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    Leica APO-Televid 82 Spotting Scopes.

    Description of Leica APO-Televid 82 Spotting Scopes

    The APO-Televid series was introduced in 2009 and received a major update in 2016. This supreme tool for observing nature is made for those who demand high-quality optics packed in a rugged housing.

    There are two models available in the Televid series which differ in the diameter of the objective lens. The smaller model’s APO Televid 65 objective lens measures 65 mm in diameter while the bigger model is equipped with an 82 mm objective lens.

    Both models feature Schmidt/Pechan prisms, which are of the roof type. Leica uses many of their coatings on the Televids (they are fully multicoated), including the AquaDura coating which is applied to the external parts of the lenses to prevent dew and dust accumulation. The user can use them in extreme temperatures such as –25°C, which is a proof of quality workmanship. The modern fluoride lenses provide for an image high in contrast and with perfect colour fidelity. Leica’s dual-focus system gives the user an ability to set the focus very precisely.

    These spotting scopes work extraordinarily on their own but are also an excellent accessory for professional digiscoping. The outstanding optical performance of Televid, combined with high-quality Leica Cameras and lenses with multi coatings, will result in fine focus photographs rich in detail. All the accessories for spotting scopes can be found here., among which is a ready case that protects your optical device.

    APO-Televid 82 is the bigger model with an objective lens that measures 82 mm in diameter. Because of the size of the lens, the 82 model can produce brighter images than its smaller counterpart, making it a great choice for observations in daylight as well as dusk. Even though it has a big lens, Leica managed to achieve a compact design. Its short close-focusing limit of 3.8 m opens another perspective in the field of spotting scopes. The durable magnesium housing protects the valuable interior while the black rubber armouring adds to the overall ruggedness and makes the device nice to the touch.

    To be able to use the device, the user must merge the body with the wide angle zoom eyepiece that can be purchased together with the body or separately. The eyepiece allows 25x–50x magnification and will provide a wide field of view.

    All APO-Televid models are made in Portugal.

    Features of Leica APO-Televid 82 Spotting Scopes

    • An ideal companion for daylight as well as dusk observations
    • Magnesium body makes it robust and durable
    • Can be used in extreme temperatures such as –25°C
    • Image is high in contrast and with vivid colours because of the fluoride lenses
    • Dual-focus system
    • Fully Multicoated, AquaDura applied to the external parts of the lenses
    • Extremely short close focusing distance – 3.8 m
    • 10 years of warranty
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