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    Celestron Spotting Scopes

    Celestron is one of the leaders in optics industry founded in USA by Tom Johnson. The founder impressed his sons with stargazing during 1950s and formed Astro-Optical division decade later that eventually became Celestron. Initialy Celestron offered Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes with glass that was hand-figuring for hours. These high-quality telescopes were surprisingly affordable and became extremely popular among astronomers. In 1970 the company launched revolutionary Celestron 8, the first telescope with outstanding optics that was able to bring such view-through previously only seen in observatories. The company still remains the leading on the market that produces not only telescopes but also offers sports optics and telescopes. Pushing the boundaries is Celestron’s real spirit. In 2009 they launched first “smart telescope” named SkyProdigy that was digitalized, simplified, and able to automatically aligne itself.

    Later the StarSense AutoAlign accessory was introduced that can computerize any telescope into SkyProdigy. In 2012 Celestron expand their focus in sports optics with Joshua Lazenby and make TrailSeeker series with high-quality optics even for hobbyists. The also commit their time into microscoping and launched Micro-Fi handheld digital microscope by Ron Peters, that is able to record and stream observed specimen. Celestron is a partner of Astronomers Witout Borders and the International Dark-Sky Association that advocates astronomy education worldwide and also holds many event to teach every nature lover of its wonders, from the biggest to the smallest parts in the universe. The company also makes many donations for research of the cosmos.


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