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Angled Spotting Scopes


Angled spotting scopes are the most common types of spotting scopes on the market. They have a good ergonomic design that eases your portability with the help of adjustable eyepieces for a proper aim adjustment. They are less convenient when you need to quickly scan the surroundings, but are very versatile due to angled eyepieces. The most popular spotting scopes have a 45° angled eyepieces and some provide a 90° angle. After adjusting the focus every individual can look through without changing the aim. Compared to straight spotting scopes that are very convenient when viewing down, angled spotting scopes perform incredibly well when looking skywards, thus saving your neck when observing the birds, mountains, the stars and the moon. Rotating eyepieces are also especially helpful when using them through a window of a vehicle. They are less suitable for youth hunters due to its heaviness and angled design but are very convenient for advanced users in hunting, surveillance, archery, astronomy and other law enforcement applications. They are more stable since you don’t have to extend the legs of a tripod too much thus providing more protection when facing wind and other harsh weather situations. Images are also less shaky and observations for extended periods of time more comfortable. But there are still other important factors that you should take in consideration, such as the size of objective lenses, magnifications and other optical technology such as lens and prism coatings that helps you get the best view-through during long distance observations with spotting scopes.

Features of Angled Spotting Scopes

  • (+) good ergonomic design
  • (+) less shaky images
  • (+) very stable
  • (-) pretty heavy
  • (-) not for quickly scanning the surroundings
  • (-) less suitable for youth hunters
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Hawke Nature-Trek 22-67x100


KOWA TSN-601 Angled


KOWA 20-60x60 Angled


KOWA 30x60 Angled


KOWA 25x60 Angled


Nikon Prostaff 5 20x60 A


Nikon Prostaff 5 30x60 A


Nikon Prostaff 5 16-48x60 A


Hawke Vantage 20-60x60

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