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Field Target Scopes

Field target is a competition where competitors use PCP airgun rifles. Riflescopes that fall in this category have high maximum magnification (50x, 52x, 60x etc.). The higher the magnification, the more accurately the shooter can estimate the distance with the help of parallax. For a precise estimate, a sidewheel is put on the parallax adjustment turret – on the range, the shooter puts a white tape around the circumference of the wheel, determines where it is located at each distance and then writes the numbers down on the wheel in the desired unit of measurement. Determining the distance with the „sidewheel“ has to be very precise – distance helps the shooter calculate bullet drop and then the POI can be adjusted with the help of the elevation turret. The parallax on these scopes is adjustable from 8 to 100 m, since field target shooters never shoot farther than that. Even though these scopes operate on high magnifications, they are not suitable for long range shooting because of parallax limitations. They have to be completely imprevious to temperature changes because of much needed accuracy, which is why there are many silver field target riflescopes out there. These do not heat up in the sun as much as classic, black riflescopes.

  • high magnification

  • side focus

  • parallax adjustable from 7 m

  • tactical turrets

Video presentation of Field Target Scopes


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