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Schmidt & Bender Stratos Rifle Scopes


Schmidt & Bender Stratos Rifle Scopes description

Schmidt&Bender Stratos Rifle scopes are one of the premium rifle scopes produced from Schmidt & Bender. They are very similar to S&B Zenith FlashDot riflescopes, especialy by design they are almost the same, however they feature 5 times zoom ratio and a inteligent illumination system. The image quality, sharpness and light transmission rate is on the highest level, for brightest picture in the dark, and the two smaler models are prety light weight for stalking and hunting in rough terrain. Schmidt & Bender is the only premium rifle scope manufacturer that still makes first focal plane hunting rifle scopes.

The new function on all Stratos rifle scopes is the Choose you light illumination, which can be used for daylight and night time hunting. It can also be programed by your individual needs, with an USB adapter on your personal PC. The Illumination also has an Automatic switch-off function after 6 hours, and a cant sensor that automaticaly shuts the illumination off when laying or putting the weapon aside.

Schmidt & Bender Stratos rifle scopes feature posicon turrets, that indicate if the reticle is in th the midle of the tube and the mounting could be bad (not straight with the barrel), optionaly lockable BDC turrets can be ordered and Schmidt&Bender Convex rail or Zeiss ZM/VM rail mounting solution.

All lens surfaces have multilayer coating, the housing is nitrogen filled, waterproof quality and safe use on even the most powerful rifles. Schmidt&Bender Stratos riflescopes have a warranty period of 10 years and an additional 20 years guarantee for service and maintenance.

Schmidt & Bender Stratos rifle scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
  • Waterproof and dry nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • Very short and modern construction design (one of the schortest in their class)
  • The only First focal plane hunting rifle scope from the top premium class (reticle size change with magnification)
  • Multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • 10 years warranty (additional 20 years for service and maintenance)
  • Variable magnification
  • Parallax free at 100 m
  • Choose your light illumination
  • FlashDot tehnology (After the illumination shotdown no black dot visible like on other scopes)
  • Daylight illumination (for driven hunt) and night time illumination
  • Posicon system (indicator for reticle position)
  • 5x zoom ratio
  • Lockable BDC turrets with 100 clics (The smalest Bullet Drop Compensation turrets on the market)


Schmidt & Bender Stratos configurations

Mounting of Schmidt & Bender Stratos rifle scopes

The Schmidt & Bender Stratos rifle scopes can be mounted with 30mm rings, S&B Convex rail mount or with Zeiss ZM/VM rail mounts.


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