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    Leica Magnus Rifle Scopes

    Description of Leica Magnus Riflescopes


    Leica Magnus riflescopes were introduced in 2011 and immediately evoked a lot of interest. Leica was a well renowned producer of optics and was for long regarded as one of the best producers of binoculars in the world. Magnus line was Leica entrance in the premium class of Rifle Scopes and they invested a lot of effort in producing one of the best hunting telescopic sights on the market. Leica Magnus scope have the widest field of view, true “Leica” vivid colors and outstanding contrast. Leica Magnus scopes also offer extraordinary light transmission rate of more than 91% and this is a remarkable achievement for a super-zoom riflescope. Zoom ratio of the wide angle model is 6.3 and 6.7 for both bigger models. These riflescopes really offer versatile possibilities of use and are a great choice for anything from driven hunts or safari to low light hunting or long range shots. All outer lens surfaces are covered with Leica AquaDura coating that prevents fogging at low temperatures, repels water and protects lenses from scratches. Mechanics and general build quality of Leica Magnus scopes is also on such a high level that you can rely on Magnus scopes in any kind of challenging conditions.


    All Leica Magnus rifle scopes come with illuminated reticle and very advanced illumination system, located on the top of the eye-piece. Operation of the system is very intuitive and can be done even while wearing gloves. Illumination itself has 60 levels of intensity and can fine-tuned for any light conditions, either as day bright dot for driven hunts or as very dim point of aim for low light hunting. Illumination system also features position sensor which automatically turns off the illumination when the scope is tilted sideways or in vertical position. This system substantially increases battery life.


    Leica left no weak points in design of Magnus rifle scopes and a feature really worth mentioning are definitely new Leica BDC turrets. At launch of the Magnus line these ballistic turrets were named Leica ASV. These BDC elevation turrets come as standard with ring that has engraved values in cm. After the BDC turret is reset to zero you can always dial corresponding number of clicks for shots on longer distances. With 90 clicks available in one revolution Leica BDC offers possibility of engaging targets up to 500 meters or more with most calibers. Leica however also offers 12 direct dial rings which are marked EU 1 to EU 12 and are tailored to ballistic curves of the most common hunting calibers. With the appropriate ring inserted in the Leica BDC turret the hunter can just turn the turret to the appropriate distance of shooting.


    Highlights of Leica Magnus scopes summarized

    • Wide field of view
    • High Light Transmission rate (highest among super-zooms)
    • Premium optical performance
    • Precise mechanics Sophisticated illumination system (60 intensity levels)
    • Waterproof, Fogproof and Shockproof construction
    • Leica BDC turrets for long range shots
    • Mounting either with rings or Zeiss ZM / VM rail mounts


    Leica Magnus series riflescope models

    Leica is currently producing tree models in the Magnus line of scopes:


    Mounting of Leica Magnus scopes

    Leica is offering all their riflescopes with two options of mounting. Most common option is to mount Magnus riflescopes with 30mm rings. However for those who wish better stability, prefect leveling of the scope and easier mounting, Leica is also producing this scopes with Zeiss ZM/VM rail mounting solution.


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