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Kahles Helia CBX Rifle Scopes

Kahles Helia CBX riflescopes have all the properties of the Helia CSX series with only one difference: the position of the reticle is placed in the first focal plane.  Because of this the reticle’s size changes according to magnification and the Kahles Helia CBX riflescopes are especially good at night time and moonlight hunting. All lens surfaces are multi coated and adjusted to offer the best light transmission values and at the same time offer great image sharpness. The illuminated dot is adjustable with degreeless settings and has last position memory save function. This is especially useful in the dark when the dot has to be illuminated with the least possible light setting. The dot is automatically turned off to save battery life. This means you do not have to worry about having low battery when going hunting. All Kahles Helia CBX nigh time hunting riflescopes have a lens diameter of 50 mm or 56 mm and are at the same time waterproof and will not go out of alignment when shooting with the most powerful hunting calibres. Limitless warranty for Kahles Helia CBX extends to 30 years.

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