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    Docter Sport Rifle Scopes


    Docter Sport Rifle Scopes description 

    Docter Sport Rifle Scopes are in a class of their own. These scopes offer very thin reticles in the second focal plane, exceptional quality of the glass used for lenses and great accuracy of the click mechanism. All of this for really attractive price for products made in Germany.


    Docter Sport Scopes features

    We can summarize general features of Docter Sport rifle scope series with this lines:

    • Waterproof, Fogproof and Shockproof construction
    • Accurate reticle turrets - 1/8 MOA clicks
    • Available high target turrets
    • Thin reticles in second focal plane – SFP
    • Very high resolution and exceptional edge sharpness



    Docter Sport Rifle Scopes variants

    Docter Sport Riflescope are offered with the following magnification combinations:

    • 3-9x40 – very light scope with moderate magnifications
    • 3-10x40 – still compact but with a little higher magnification
    • 4.5-14x40 AO – this model offers parallax adjustment at low mass
    • 8-25x50 AO – very high magnification at very attractive price

    Docter Sport Rifle Scopes mounting solutions


    Docter Sport Scopes can be mounted with a wide range of 26mm mount rings.


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