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Swarovski Z8i Rifle Scopes

Swarovski Z8i rifle scope description

Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes where first shown on IWA outdoor classics 2016 in Germany, and they represent the top product of the Swarovski Company and the top product of rifle scopes in general. The Z8i line of products feature real 8 times zoom range, and the real achievement was that this is still in a 30 mm main tube. Swarovski says that the light transmission rate is on a incredibly 93 percent, what makes this scopes even brighter than the previus models, and that's why this scopes are very usable for dusk and dawn hunting.

The reticle is set in the second focal plane (by changing the magnification the reticle stays the same) and is therefore particularly suitable for long-distance shooting, since it does not cover a large part of the target at maximum magnification. Swarovski designed a new sleeker and smaler illumination system, that is still located on the eye peace, so that they moved the battery from the ocular to the parallax turret in the midle. The reticle’s illumination can be adjusted to any need: for use in bright daylight or at dusk, and has the SWAROLIGHT function, that automatically shuts-on or shuts-off when the rifle is in a shooting position or not.

They also have an amazing wide view angle at any magnification and excellent build quality. As an accessory BTF (Ballistic Turret Flex) can be ordered for both, elevation and windage turrets, that can be installed without any tools. These turrets can be set for any balistic curve, because the ballistic turrets have 7 separate rings, that can be easily set on any desired click value. We also recommend the Swarovski SR rail for better and easyer mounting, but this decision makes the buyer.

For hunters who look for the most versatile rifle scope on the market, the Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes are the best choice.

For better understanding of the BTF turrets, click here

Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes features

  • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful hunting calibers)
  • Waterproof and dry nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
  • Parallax adjustmen (some models – others have fixed parallax on 100m)
  • Second focal plane reticles (reticle size doesn't change with zoom)
  • Multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
  • 10 years warranty (30 years service and maintenance)
  • Slim and compact design
  • 93% light transmission
  • Variable magnification (8 times zoom factor)
  • SWAROCLEAN coating on outer lenses (for repelling and easy cleaning of dirt, dust, insects...)
  • SWAROLIGHT (auto shut-on and shut-off of the reticle illumination)
  • FLEXCHANGE (4A-IF reticle allows change from Dot to Circle Dot, designed for driven hunting)
  • Optional BTF (Ballistic turret flex ) for windage and elevation turrets, (instalation without tools)
  • Optional PBR (personalized ballistic ring - individually engraved personal data)


Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes configurations


Meaning of abbreviations

  • L - 30mm main tube
  • SR – Swarovski
  • SR rail for mounting
  • P – Parallax turret
  • BT – Ballistic turret
  • EE - Extended Eye relief

Mounting of Swarovski Z8i riflescopes

The Swarovski Z8i rifle scopes can be mounted with 30 mm rings, or optionaly with the Swarovski SR mount.


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