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    March 40-60x52 Rifle Scopes

    March Benchrest series of riflescopes has been designed with only one purpose, to offer shooters at Benchrest competitions the best possible shooting optics in the world. Outstanding engineering innovation, quality materials, modern technologies and careful hand build have been leading to the fact that no other manufacturer in the world has not equip so many European and other Benchrest champions from the year 2007, like March. Almost all the Benchrest shooters, who belong to the top world shooters, are using riflescopes from March and at this moment there is no manufacturer on the sight to be entering in this class of optics and also in the near future there is no sign for this. There is no point in saying how good the technology of March riflescopes is, because there is no field that the March would not set a new milestone with their superb technology. The turrets for positioning the reticle on Benchrest models are covered and are offering extremely accurate movement of 1/8 MOA for one division.

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