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    IOR Tactical Rifle Scopes

    IOR Tactical rifle scopes description

    IOR is a Romanian based company, that produces optics already for over 80 years, but important progress was made in the 70s last century with a modernization of production processes. At this modernization also other major optical companies in the east block were included, especially the Carl Zeiss Jena. The product quality is still amazing today and in the last decade, they can comment on many solutions offered to the market as the first one. Among them is the scope with a magnification range of 6x between the lowest and highest ones, the accordance of reticle substations and turret movement in milliradians, etc.

    The IOR company also continuously sets standards in optical performance, and this company makes both, tactical and hunting rifle scopes, and many other military types of equipment such as night vision devices, thermal imaging devices and so on. All products from this company are built to withstand the harshest abuse and are shockproof for even the biggest magnum calibers like the .50 BMG. Rifle scopes IOR Tactical has well established their presence in the U.S. market in the last decade, because of a good ratio between the quality and price. This is also the reason why their rifle scopes are an excellent purchase.

    IOR tactical rifle scopes are built for any tactical or military situation, should this be for CQB, close range, medium range or extreme long range target shooting. In all these rifle scopes they build only the best glass inside, made from the German manufacturer SCHOTT AG. These lenses are fully multi-coated with many layers for best possible image sharpness, contrast and to maximize the light transmission through the scope.

    The housing of the IOR Tactical rifle scopes is made from a single piece aluminum to withstand any abuse done to this rifle scope, and on almost all scopes the turrets are exposed tactical for quick elevation or windage adjustment. Newer models come also with lockable tactical turrets for the elevation. The turrets on some IOR tactical rifle scopes have a patented feature, calling the secondary zero. This is a very nice feature if you shoot with 2 different ammunition types and that's why the zero isn't always in the same place, you just turn the turret to the secondary zero adjustment. The turrets are either MIL/MIL or MOA/MOA and are always matched to the reticle. Also BDC rings can be ordered for different calibers or trajectories.


    Most rifle scopes from this series have a reticle illumination with 11 intensity settings or even a digital adjustable illumination control unit, but some fixed power models are also non-illuminated. The reticles are first focal plane (reticle size changes with magnification) or second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification) depending on the model.

    IOR also sets new standards with their 4-28x50 model, they were the first company that made rifle scopes with the main tube diameter of 40 mm. With this tube diameter, they achieved a bigger elevation range, more light transmission, and a great image quality. What's also new was the parallax ring, that isn't located on the objective or in the middle where elevation and windage turrets are, but in front where the objective diameter rises from 40mm to 50mm.

    In the last years, IOR started the program LUTAZ, where super-zoom rifle scopes are designed and produced. Their first model was the powerful 8 times zoom factor scope, 3-25x50 LUTAZ. This is also the first rifle scope from IOR that has exposed tactical lockable turrets.

    All rifle scopes from this series are O-ring sealed to be waterproof and are nitrogen filled so they didn't fog internally in cold environment.

    IOR Tactical rifle scopes features

    IOR Tactical rifle scopes configurations

    Mounting of IOR Tactical rifle scopes

    The IOR Tactical rifle scopes come in all varieties of tube diameters, such as 30mm, 35mm, and even 40mm, so a suitable mount should be purchased.


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