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    Burris Laserscope Rifle Scopes

    Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III description

    Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III was first shown to public on IWA outdoor classics 2015 in Germany. It was the first rifle scope which combines a laser rangefinder with a ballistic calculator. This allows the hunter to go to a hunt without additional equipment. With 4 times zoom range this scopes can be used for any kind of hunting situation, and with the ˝HiLume˝ fully multi coated lenses these scopes offer good light transmission, contrast and image quality.

    The reticle is set in the second focal plane (reticle size doesn't change with magnification), and after ranging a red dot appears in the reticle indicating the correct aiming point for your specific ammunition for the distance and inclination to the target. The measurement is done simple with a press of a button. The new Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III has a new method of windage compensation, that is now perfected on any magnification (windage compensation is not done by the scope, only dots appear for 10 m/s wind) .

    The Laser range finder measures up to 1100 meters (1200 yards) on reflective targets, and about 700 meters (750yards) on deer size targets. The Burris Ballistic Laser scope III has over 1500 specific loads for different calibers for perfect ballistic curve calculation. These scopes feature also a parallax adjustment ring on the objective lens, that goes from 50 meters to infinity. The turrets are capped for protection against accidental movement. The magnification ring is easy usable with gloves, and goes in 180 degree turn from minimal to maximal magnification.


    Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III features

    • Reliable mechanics in one-piece housing (shockproof even for the most powerful calibers)
    • Waterproof and nitrogen purged for Fogproof use at low temperatures
    • Second Focal Plane reticles (reticle size doesn't change with zoom)
    • ˝HiLume˝ multi coated lenses for image brightness and contrast
    • Variable magnification (4x zoom ratio)
    • Build in rangefinder and angle sensor with ballistic calculator (shows where the bullet impact should be)
    • Parallax adjustment (from 50m to infinity)
    • Reticle illumination
    • 10 years warranty

    Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III configurations

    Mounting of Burris Ballistic Laser Scope III

    The Burris Ballistic Laser Scope has a unique mounting system included with the scope for lowest mounting possible.


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