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Konus Rifle Scopes

Konus company with headquarters in Verona, Italy is one of the fastest growing in optics. Founded in 1979 by Giuseppe Alberti, this family company started with offering telescopes, microscopes and binoculars. 20 years later Alberti expanded Konus brand into the hunting and shooting category after he met American businessman Mark Shore. Today Konus specializes in offering high-quality optics for hunters and shooters. With deep understanding for quality, precision and tradition, they create one of best products that has been since 2006 also available for American market.
The company offers KonusPro riflescopes, Konuspot spotting scopes and accessories such as SightPro, rings, mounts, night vision, and wide varieties of binoculars. All Konus riflescopes and pistol scopes have a lifetime replacement warranty.


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