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    Kaps illuminated Rifle Scopes

    Kaps Illuminated rifle scopes description

    Kaps illuminated (Leutchabsehen) rifle scopes are a good choice for hunters who seek rifle scopes with good features in poor light conditions. All lenses are multi-coated which ensures excellent lighting transmission and sharpness. Kaps illuminated rifle scopes are designed mainly for night use or for use in poor lighting conditions – especially when hunting on raised hidden position. The illuminated reticle is placed in the first focal plane (reticle size changes with magnification) and enables degreeless intensity settings. The last intensity setting is automatically saved into memory in order to use the same setting the next time you use the rifle scope.

    The manufacturing of the Kaps illuminated rifle scope was set to enable the best use under extreme conditions and the manufacturer guarantees that the rifle scopes will be fully functional in all conditions from -40°C to +70°C, since the Kaps illuminated are waterproof and filled with dry nitrogen. These features enable the rifle scopes to function at full capacity at low temperatures and will not cause the mist to build up inside. It is also possible to use the Kaps illuminated rifle scopes with the most powerful African hunting calibre rifles, like the .450 Marlin.

    The degreeless light intensity settings button is specially designed for easy use with gloves in harsh conditions and is therefore slip-free. The Kaps illuminated rifle scopes have a 25-year warranty and offer the best compromise between price and quality on the market. All rifle scopes from Kaps illuminated have a main tube diameter of 30 mm, and they also can be ordered with a Zeiss ZM / VM rail for a precise and easy mounting

    Kaps Illuminated rifle scopes features


    Kaps Illuminated rifle scopes configurations

    Mounting of Kaps Illuminated rifle scopes

    The Kaps Illuminated rifle scopes can be mounted with 30 mm rings or optionally with a Zeiss ZM / VM mount.


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