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IOR Rifle Scopes

IOR short for Romanian Optical Enterprise with its headquarters in Bucharest, Romania is one of the major optics companies, established in 1936. During WWII the company produced first military scopes and after the war obtained reputation of one of the best optics companies alongside famous western manufacturers from Germany. IOR was one of the most powerful companies that offered optics for satellites and telescopes. In 1949 they produced eyeglass lenses in 1951 first didactic microscopes and in 1954 the first camera. During the 1960s they launched the first medical instruments for ophthalmology and laboratory microscopes and also launched photography camera. Optical modernizations in 70s help them to expand and offer other optical electronics, lasers, metrology and thermal vision systems.

IOR company offers binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, rangefinders, night vision and riflescopes in sports optics branch. The high-quality optics is built with of SCHOTT glass applied with multi-layers of antireflex coatings. Suitable for hunters, bird watchers, policeman, marksman and other law enforcement applications would meet every needs. They also offer red dots and scope mounts.



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